Premium ➢ BedWars (ClashWars) Minigame [Paid]

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    Help me. When im trying to add more teams and does "/bw addteam" it just says "Game doesn't exists!"
    What do i do?
  2. you must finish the creation process first before you can use that
  3. Nvm i got it
  4. Does placeholder api work with the plugin and if it has what's the ecloud?
  5. Discord: PurpleSkull#7246
  6. Discord Tag: maikeltjo#0001
  7. if i bought this plugin can i get place holders list too .. author plz respond to this message ..
  8. yes, after you purchased the plugin come on the discord server and peruse #verification in order to gain access to them
  9. Can you verify me?
  10. Keks#1470
    pls verify
  11. Discord
  12. Hi, I'd like to be verified: Caldan112#6820
  13. Discord
  14. PretendBullet50#0001 is requesting verification in the discord.
  15. can you verify me EnocMoraRam#0101
  16. excuse me, can you add my minecraft server on your skywars x plugin? the ip is:
  17. done
  18. Please verify my nickname: Magmelzin#4008