Premium ➢ Cops and Crims MiniGame [Paid]

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Klaus, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. I bought the plugin, and now I wanted to verify my discord account in the support server.
    My discord id is <ProtoGhost#1273>
  2. 我希望可以获得纹理包 (XT#8846)
  3. Hi,
    My Discord Tag is juhu#3637
    I hope you can verify me. :D
  4. hi,
    My Discord Tag is raksodnus__#0061
    I only want placeholders
  5. Hello!
    My discord: Tom Koudy#0126
    I bought Cops and Crims MiniGame. Please verify me.
  6. Hello
    My discord:奶茶#5254
  7. paso#5844 I wish to be verified on the server ;-)
  8. just bought ;D Myucel#2891 and i wish to be verified on discord <3
    also is there any premade server for testing too on the disc? thanks in advance
  9. Eckline#2394 need to be verified, thanks!
  10. Hola quiero verificarme en la cuenta para texture pack counter strike Lucas69oh#5593
  11. I want to verify I have bought plugin counter strike Lucas 69 # 5593
  12. DualZFleXx#0742