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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by justLeo, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Hey can you add 1.12 support?
  2. Can you add support for 1.12?
  3. will do it in the following days, follow me to stay updated
  4. Thanks man.
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  5. Does this 100% work on 1.13? If it does I will purchase it right now.
  6. it does but it needs adjustment. at the moment im on that adjustment. but there should be little to no bugs (for me) for example the bot is not working the way he should
  7. I will wait until it's 100% with no bugs and fully supports 1.13. Looks great.
  8. Hey would buy the plugin but at the moment i cant use paypal. Is there another way ? For example PSC ?

    Bin aus deutschland :)

    Würdest du paysafecard akzeptieren?
    Ich weis das das immer nicht so gut ist aber evtl finden wir eine lösung über discord ?
  9. OK schreib mich privat auf spigot an und dann geb ich dir mein discord