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  1. I have some questions,I heard the countdown in video,similar to the narrator,but only the subtitles are available
    My email is [email protected]
  2. Hey!
    I have a short question, whenever i try to play RocketRace the game places water one block behind (or above) the pressure plate (but not inside of the tank), do you have any advice for me how to fix this, or how to disable water there ? Is this a config fail of mine?

    Thank you! Great Plugin! All other minigames are working fine!


    EDIT: Was my bad, second spawn was false thanks for your time!
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  3. the water should be placed in that tubes(make sure you do in the same other you put the spawns)
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  4. Yes, i setted up the second spawn false, thanks for your time! Great plugin!
  5. i'm glad you like it , have a great time with it
  6. Do you have an anti-cheating plugin,The type of adaptation
  7. i never worked at one since spigot is full of anti hacks plugins
  8. [​IMG]
    @Fr33stylerRO Can you help me ... ! I did lost 2 week to fix it and upload sql with leaderheads but i can't !
  9. but that is not a valid mysql database
  10. It's default config from your plugin?
    You can give me SQL Details? @Fr33stylerRO
  11. you need to make a mysql database with your server database if you have one, if not i can recommand use a free mysql database from the internet
  12. those you see in config are default only to see what you need to do in order to complete them
  13. Database name is what bro ?
  14. @Fr33stylerRO Bro help me, you can support mysql database from internet ????
  15. Ah if make one mysql i did it but can't export data from plugin :(
  16. the plugin will create the data it needs fresh from the start + anyway nothing you played saved without a valid database
  17. @Fr33stylerRO you have use Skype bro? I have some problemb about mysql! It can't import from game!