Premium ⭐️WildPvP⭐️ ➢ ✦ Perfect Replica ✦ Custom Matches | Cages | Factions [1.8-1.15]

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    ⭐️WildPvP⭐️ ➢ ✦ Perfect CosmicPvP Replica ✦ Custom Matches | Cages | Factions [1.8-1.15] - A Perfect Replica of CosmicPvP's /pvp Plugin!

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  2. But that's a separate plugin
  3. Hey man can u add staking?
  4. What's staking?
  5. So when people enter the match they can stake items, tokenenchantokens or just regular money? I think that's a really unique feature.
    Also someone recommend you to add duel as well. I agree with him, that'd make this plugin a lot better and u'd get a lot more buyers 100% confirmed
  6. This is already a thing - whatever you have in your inventory is saved and the winner gets the items.
    The whole plugin is a duel system so I don't really understand your point.
  7. I meant so you can add extra items and also tokens and money
  8. If you made the plugin work without Factions we would like to buy it.
  9. It does.
  10. Remove Factions from "dependencies" then :p
  11. It's a soft dependency (Factions is supported). :)