Premium ⭐ Advanced Monthly Crates ⚡ 3D HOLOGRAM CRATE ANIMATIONS ⭐ [1.8-1.14] [Paid]

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  1. Hello, the plugin currently doesn't support 1.13 but support for it should come in the next couple days
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  2. BubbleBootie updated ⭐ Advanced Monthly Crates ⚡ 3D NEXT-GEN CRATE ANIMATIONS ⭐ [1.8-1.12] with a new update entry:

    1.3.7 Update Changelog

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  3. This is so cool, cant wait to get it. Still need to get a lootbox plugin tho aha. You should next work on a more animated lootbox plugin. This is really good though keep up the good work!
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  4. Thank you! I will be adding a couple lootbox animations into this plugin as well!
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  5. Oh aha thanks, I need to find that lootbox plugin somewhere still aha. ill keep trying aha. Thanks though your a good developer/coder.
  6. Does this plugin support chances reward?
    So each crate could give different rewards
  7. Yes it does have custom chances for each reward, if you wish to ask any other question or ask for a feature to be added please dm me in discord:
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  8. dumb question, can these then only be used once a month?
  9. No, it's called a monthly crate as it is a special type of crate. On popular servers these come in monthly with new stuff for example August Monthly Crate and it would contain some special new items that people can get with that crate (it usually is more expensive on buycraft as it is that much more special). But they always can buy whatever amount they want it's up to them.
  10. this plugin good :eek:
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  11. Sorry,My English is poor.
    Please fix some bugs.
    Some players after extracting reward awards show will not disappear.
    Some hologram not delete,please fix!thanks!
    My server use (paperclip)Spigot.
    My server version Minecraft 1.13.2.
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  12. Please add me on discord:
  13. Does this support items put in from in-hand? or do they have to be configured in? What about custom items? Does this work with CMI? and how is the lag with it? It looks very interesting.

    Another question - are these physical crates, like can they go inside another crate, say a rewards crate? And can players sell them or do they auto open?
  14. The items have to be configured in, essentially it works as you make how the reward would look and then give it to the player with a command. For example you want to give a player some special sword so you make the item Material: DIAMOND_SWORD, give the item its name: ItemName: "Very Rare and Special Sword (x1)" and then give them such reward via a command Commands: -epicswords give %player_name% ultrasword 1

    these are physical crates, it was made in thoughts of a regular monthly crate though rather having the old style gui the animation is also physical.