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Ultimate customisible fishing rewards for a fun fishing experience

  1. You're still coding, just not this plugin?
    The update kinda sounded like you have no time for spigot stuff anymore. Sorry if I misunderstood that.
  2. Ill still be active on the fourms, just having to keep this project alive ontop of all the other stuff im doing is just a bit stressful lol
  3. Thanks for the additional information. Appreciate it. Real life is more important, so they tell me.. (goes back to playing minecraft).
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  4. IMinIILLuZionZ updated Custom Fishing | Customisible Fishing Rewards | Version 2 with a new update entry:

    Im back! And revamp

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  5. Hey,
    I'm looking to use this plugin as a perk for players in a fishing job. Is it possible to use a permission node for every reward? I'd be happy to do a pull request if you have git or send you the code if you want to send me the source code.
  6. Hey, I was actually already implementing this in the next update which will be out in the next couple of days, so just hold tight.
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  7. IMinIILLuZionZ updated Custom Fishing | Customisible Fishing Rewards | Version 2 with a new update entry:

    Permission based rewards

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  8. Can you add 1.8 support?
  9. I'm working my hardest to push out a version with 1.8 support, however, I have been quite busy lately. This hopefully will be out within the next week.
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  10. Suggestion: Make it so that we can select an area where the plugin is active... i.e. entire world, certain coords, etc... that way we could make a lake somewhere and that could be the only spot it works in... and allow us to set multiple regions so we could setup different areas on different worlds. :)
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  11. This is exactly what I'm working on in the next update. However, due to personal reasons, I'm taking a short break from developing so the update may not come out for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience
  12. Small idea :
    you can make sure that after a moment a mythic mobs monster appears ?
    Exemple: 10% chance to AquaZombie appears on fishing
  13. This could be a possibility, although I'm working on another feature for the next update. This will go into the features to implement though
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  14. Can you please add a feature where players can catch different types of fish with custom lores and fish shop with custom prices please. Many thanks. The plugin is great by the way. XD.
  15. Hey everyone,

    So sorry for the waiting, but I am just finishing something I was doing for another person. This hopefully means I will come to work on an update for some of the features requested. So sorry for your long wait but shouldn't be long and I will release an update

    Thanks, Illuzionz
  16. Hello, no problem !
    I have a idea (just cosmetic)
    It's possible to add title bar for view progress of fishing ? It's boring to wait, i think if there's something to do, just watching a bar move forward can make fishing more fun !
  17. Hello, Just finding out some information on this plugin. I see there is nothing in the Config folder to select which world you want the Fishing pond to be placed in. I want the people on the server to be able to only fish in a /Warp PVP zone not in their own bases [Factions].
    If anyone could help me that would be amazing!
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