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    EasyBackup - Make it easy to backup your server while it is running.

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  2. NullBlox


    Does this copy the plugins etc? or just the world files?
    I make backups every 24 hours and Zip them to send to my home.
    This looks amazing if it actually .zips the entire server and not just one part.

    Great Idea!
  3. This will zip everything under the worlds directory. This means if you are using the default folder setup then it will save your worlds, plugins, logs, server properties, and any other thing saved with your server. There are some things which can not be saved. Some plugins create temp files which are skipped because it causes an error and it does not matter if it saves because it is a temp file. If it does skip a file or has an error when saving it will tell you in the console. The other thing it does not save is the EasyBackup plugin folder. If it saved that then it would be backing up forever because it would be trying to backup the backup being made.

    If you have any further questions about EasyBackup, please do not hesitate to ask.
  4. Hi hoo

    Debian 64Bit/ Java 8_51 64Bit (original oracle not openJDK)
    Spigot 1.8.8

    fail message by start/reload server

    Code (Text):
    [21:08:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [EasyBackup] Enabling EasyBackup v1.0.0

    [21:08:19] [Thread-13/WARN]: [EasyBackup] The author of this plugin (Forseth11) has misconfigured their Auto Update system
    [21:08:19] [Thread-13/WARN]: [EasyBackup] File versions should follow the format 'PluginName vVERSION'
    [21:08:19] [Thread-13/WARN]: [EasyBackup] Please notify the author of this error.
  5. Ignore this message as it was designed for bukkit before some changes were made. If I need to make an update I will fix this, but it should function normally.
  6. ok... thx for information

    greet from germany
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  7. Greetings. Regarding your backup plugin, is it possible to avoid or omit certain folders? e.g. Dynmap folder since its making our backups way too big.
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  8. Hey dude, first off, great plugin. Although I would like to save my back-ups in a folder other than the default one. Is this possible?
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  9. Failed to Zip File
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    Forgot to change version number on the last update.

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  11. Is this per server backup? or does this backup all servers on our box? We usually just do tar cvzf name.tar.gz directory as it backups all servers at once into a minimal format with 0 lag.
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  12. This will backup one server. Any items in the worlds folder backs up. This includes logs, worlds, plugins and everything else.
    If you have multiple servers then this will need to be on each server.
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  13. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  14. I was just about to buy it
  15. Can you add tar.gz support option and/or more types of Compression? I just want to be able to experiment with the Compression type as I hear that tar.gz is better than zip :3 Thank you!
  16. Hello everyone. I use this plugin on my server (I made the plugin btw), and I found one bug in the current version. Backups will keep being created and old ones will NOT be deleted even when a limit is set. I am currently incredibly busy, but I will fix this bug as soon as I have time. The good thing is that this is a minor minor error. Just a heads up, but you might want to delete old backup every so often until this is repaired. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  17. Hello,

    can I change the Time when the Backup is made? I set the delay to 24hours and it would be nice that the backups are made at 5AM. Any suggestions?
  18. Run the backup command at 5 am and it will repeat every 24 hours.
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