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Add epic custom items to your minecraft server!

  1. My Epic Items plugin :)

    Epic Items - Add epic custom items to your minecraft server!

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    #1 ARace863, Jun 22, 2021
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  2. How do I get the items, what is the command to spawn them or how do i craft them
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  3. Sorry for late reply, you can do /help EpicSMPitem to view all the items, I will post the commands on the Epic Items plugin page
  4. Hi there. I have an issue with the plugin. whenever i do the commands to give me the items nothing happens. I also do not know how to make new items
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  5. Hello! Firstly make sure your spigot server version is 1.17 and if it is I might have uploaded the wrong plugin while I was adding new features.
    And for your second question, I haven’t added the ability to add your own custom items yet but that will be on my checklist :)
  6. Hello again, I’ve just tested the plugin again, and it does work if it is the version of the plugin that’s the problem I could will add 1.8 - 1.17
  7. ARace863 updated Epic Items with a new update entry:

    Epic Items

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  8. Whats new in v1.2.2?


    Grappling Hook - Grapple around your world

    There is a new GUI (/items) which gives you a menu of all the custom items

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  9. Please do not provide the source as .class files, please provide .java files, thanks!
  10. I decompiled the code, and have some tips:
    - I saw duplicated code (AceSwordEvent1.java and AceSwordEvent2.java). I provided code to fix it
    Code (Java):
        public void onRightClick(final PlayerInteractEvent event) {
        Action action = e.getAction();
        if ((action == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK || action == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_AIR) && event.getItem() != null && event.getItem().getItemMeta().equals(ItemManager.AceSword.getItemMeta())) {
                final Player player = event.getPlayer();

            if(action == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK)
                player.getWorld().createExplosion(player.getLocation(), 4.0f, false, false);
                player.getWorld().createExplosion(player.getLocation(), 2.0f, false, false);

                player.sendMessage(ChatColor.GRAY + "§lBOOM!");
    You can now put this into one listener.
    - In ItemManager you are using static, I don't know if this is static abuse
  11. Sorry about the github, will change now
  12. Thank you!
  13. No problem!