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    FEUDAL - Completely Configurable - Kingdoms, Professions, Attributes, Global Market, Challenges, and more!

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  3. Can is ask you some questions?
    If i would use your plugin on spigot 1.8.8? What features would be disabled when comparing to spigot 1.9! items,combat?
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  4. I see you added an update! Do you maybe have some free time to reply to my question? => see above!
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  5. Sorry I must have missed that question. The only difference with 1.9 and 1.8 with Feudal is the way potions are managed in the market config. No features are disabled or changed. Just when editing the market config for potions edit the durability number prices rather than the NBT names such as "strength_strong".
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  6. is this compatible whit griefprevention?
  7. Assuming you are asking if this has grief protection then yes. If it is something else like a plugin please message me the link and I will confirm it for you.
  8. Based on the description of the plugin I would assume that it does not work. Also for how the plugin is setup you could contact the author if it does not work and ask them to make their plugin compatable.
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    Challenge Balancing

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    API Update

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  11. If you create army system like : Faction Mobs , that would be good.
  12. This is actually planed to be implemented as a separate plugin. Guards will be one and so will nobles. Everyone else has to buy one. These mobs will follow your hit and block style and have same armor and weapons as you if a guard or noble but they won't drop gear. other professions must buy a ncp or guards can buy extra one. These will be equipped by the user. These mobs will drop nothing as well but the killer will get lots of money. The owner of the ncp guard will have to then pay money to "heal" their mob.

    At my current rate I plan to have this add on complete either mid June or the beginning of July.
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