Spigot ⭐ Player Warps ⭐ ➢ Let your players set warps! [1.7-1.19] 6.17.3

Let your players set warps, supports your favorite plugins, cross-server support and more.

  1. Update to the latest version of griefprevention
  2. Also make sure you restart the server not reloading the plugin with /plugman
  3. Olzie-12 updated ⭐ Player Warps ⭐ ➢ Let your players set warps! [1.8-1.14] with a new update entry:

    Release 4.1.2

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  4. Hey! Could you add a maximum amount of warps per player?
  5. Yes pw.limit.<number>

    give the permission to that player
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  6. Getting an error using PlayerWarps 4.1.3 on Spigot 1.13.2 with PlotSquared 4.298 where if I have the PlotSquared section enabled in the PW config and set a warp on my plot it sets fine, but if I then log out and back in I can no longer set any warps on the plot I own it tells me I can't because I don't own the plot (when it's definitely the right plot, and I have the permission to set another warp)
  7. Error?
  8. No errors ingame or console - it just doesn't recognise it as my plot any more after logging out of the server when it is and tells me I can't set a warp on a plot I don't own (when I set two prior to logging out to test it and they both set fine on the same plot)
  9. Fixed.
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  10. Would it be possible to only list warps that belong to the player as in just their warps?
  11. You should work on player head caching, doing /pw causes lag as it loads in the heads.
  12. Alright, i do believe it was the pages. I'll look into it.
  13. Yes, that was a planned feature. Its calling filtering. :)
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  14. Reset lang.yml! Also with the other update you will no longer have to update your config
    #138 Olzie-12, Jul 29, 2019
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  15. Is there a reason why my players can execute the command but nothing appears?
  16. What command?