Spigot ⭐ Player Warps ⭐ ➢ Let your players set warps! [1.8-1.16.1] 6.1.2

Let your players set warps, Supports loads of your other favorite plugins.

  1. Keeps telling my players that a warp is not safe and wont teleport them. Not sure how to disable this
  2. have you set the time to -1? Meaning that the it wont teleport them if a warp is unsafe. And have you confirmed that the warp is unsafe? I believe you've reported this in my discord server and you haven't responded since so i believe this is fixed?
  3. max 10 chars for a warp name? is that normal? can it be changed?
  4. Yes, config.yml Everything is configurable like it says on the plugin page. You should of just found it in the config
  5. guess i just didn't see it
  6. Please could you update this to not have it run player lookups on the main server thread - It's pissing Luckperms off

    "The lookup request was made on the main server thread. It is not safe to execute a request to
    load username data from the database in this context.
    If you are a plugin author, please either make your request asynchronously,
    or provide an 'OfflinePlayer' object with the UUID already populated.
    Alternatively, server admins can disable this catch by setting 'vault-unsafe-lookups' to true"
  7. Join my discord server and you can get an early release.