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    Turrets - Defend your base with turrets shooting any intruder!

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  2. Lee


    Played around with this plugin. Seems to work great!
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  3. Lee


    Few ideas:
    1. Can you have the head rotate where its shooting?
    2. When a turret is made by a player can you have it be the player's head?

    Thanks :)
  4. 1. Turrets can shoot multiple people, so making it rotate would mess up a lot when two people engage it.
    2. In a future update I will do this.

    Thank you for the ideas. :)
  5. Lee


    Ok, sounds good! :)
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  6. I run a very custom server. Would it be possible for turrets to deal 50+ damage?

  7. What makes your plugin different from that one?
  8. Because spigot has a glitch with the .damage() method I had to create my own to take armor, enchantments, and potion effects into account. Due to this setting the damage to 50 will likely kill anyone instantly regardless of any other plugins changing damage, but plugins effecting health levels should take effect. If you can give me more information on what you are want to do I can help you out.
  9. This plugin uses different turret types and not upgrades. Mine is designed for attacking players and not hostile mobs. My turrets have a faster firing rate. The heads can look like the owner of the turrets head. Mine can shoot in all directions and target multiple people. Mine is not near as complicated for a user to make a turret which is a big thing because people do not like to read signs. Overall the turrets behave completly different in each plugin. In the other one you get several types of turrets while with mine you get many different kinds because people upgrade their turrets.
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  10. Nice to hear i wasn't into buying it but just taught why would you buy it when you can get it for free.
    So it's really nice what you made here and i would say keep on working.
    And i do understand now what makes your plugin way better then the free plugins out-there.
  11. There is one other free plugin and it works completely differently. I am also planing on adding more features upon request.
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  12. To make it more unique and different I am going to add a new mechanic to an update today.

    - default arrows >> normal shooting arrows with 0.5 inaccuracy.
    - Exploding arrows (Not breaking blocks) >> arrows with 7 inaccuracy and minimum range of 6 blocks ( I will have to test this to make sure it is not to OP)
    - Blinding arrows (blinds only target and not cross fire) >> arrows with 2 inaccuracicy
    - Poison arrows (Poisons only target) >> arrows with 6 inaccuracicy and min range of 5
    - fire arrows >> inaccuracy of 5
    - slowness arrows >> inaccuracy of 2 and min range of 4
    - Gravity arrows >> reverses knockback and has an inaccuracy of 2 (Pulls you toward the turret)

    I also made it so highly enchanted armor can protect you much more.

    Is there anything else I should add in this update?
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    UPDATE: Arrow types, turning head, attacking hostile mobs, warning players, bug fixes.

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  14. The challenge would be to use packets to make the head of the turret turn to the player.
    If you have multiple players, they would see different things.
    You would really get more buyers if you could add this.
  15. I have in the update 1.2.
  16. I am looking forward to buying this plugin but does it work for Spigot 1.7.x-18.x?
  17. I know it works with 1.8, but if you have a problem I will make it work because. Can you message me the build you are using so I can test it?
  18. I am using spigot1656.jar
  19. Can you direct me to a download link?