Premium 「Reflex」Machine Learning Cheat Detection » 1.8 - 1.12 [Paid]

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  1. That’s all I know, view attachment

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  2. Probably some math, vectors. But it's a check.
  3. How well should this work "out of the box"? Does it actually cancel common things like reach, speedhack etc without using the cloud feature?
    Or does it have to learn locally?

    I tried installing it and having a player running some common hacks, but it didn't prevent any of it.
  4. If you read anything on the overview or tested it on the test server, it doesn't detect movement hacks yet.
    Please use your eyes.
  5. My question was not "Does it prevent movement hacks", bur rather if the machine learning is something the plugin does locally and if it actually prevents the most common hacks on first installation without having to collect any data first.

    I have read the overview and from my understanding "Reach" was one of the things listed in the "official detected hacks" list.
    The intention of my question was to get a better understanding of how well it performs on a clean installation.
  6. Next time please either contact us privately or in Discord. The discussion is a place to discuss, not for support. Moreover, we do not receive notifications of new messages posted here.

    The overview page states that machine learning is trained by the developers and not by users. Your server only uses our data — you don't need to train anything yourself. So everything will work just after installation.
  7. Could you add an event to each action?
    I would like to notify on discord so that my moderation will be informed :)
  8. Themes are currently broken because of our obfuscator.

    Please don't use the discussion to ask support anymore.
    Use our Discord, PM or Issue Tracker instead (see overview, 'Support').
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  9. Does this Anticheat Auto ban? and if so, how do I Enable it?
  10. Yes, By changing the punishment command
  11. Please fix it faster you can thanks.
  12. Where Is the punishment command in the config??
  13. Please use our discord for support or PM @DarksideCode.
  14. “Our”? When did you join the reflex team? XD

    Change it under actions. From kick to ban
    # Command map
    - "reflex bypass %player% %check% true"
    - "reflex delay 15 reflex kick %player% &fYou have been kicked.%break%&fReason: &b&lDETECTED
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  15. Ok Thank You for the Help! Also did you get banned when you changed it from kick to ban?
  16. Hello, @MeGysssTaa and @sinnlosername someone had recommended that I take a look at this plugin but I have some "pre sales" questions.

    1. Will this plugin actually works on a Vanilla server without tons of false positives "out of the box"? Even when people mine Nether rack, use legitimate efficiency levels in Vanilla, dig dirt/other quick blocks with iron/diamond shovels, building upwards, and etc?
    2. I have XPFly will that trigger this? Or at least a place to add an exception for that plugin when that command is used and EXP is being drained?
    3. I also have EasyCarts which speed up Minecart transportation. Will this also be an issue?
  17. Reflex is a combat AntiCheat so those things dont have affect (as far as I know).
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  18. I am a ghost I have joined everything even the Russian government.

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