Premium 「Reflex」Machine Learning Cheat Detection » 1.8 - 1.17 [Paid]

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  2. Will this get false positives with lagged players?
  3. Read this entire update log here. Or test it on servers that uses this plugin.
  4. Cant change the Prefix within the themes files. I change the config but nothing changes. Can you fix this please.
  5. Did you save it?
    Yes, I know you did.
  6. @DarksideCode

    Hey! So I'm having an issue with reflex when legit players are hitting the invisible entities beside the player consistently they are getting kicked to my bungeecord hub. Is there anything I can do to fix this or do I need to make a bug report?
  7. If someone provokes Reflex on a "false positive" by purposely trying to look like a cheater, then it's not a false positive.
  8. No, they're not intentionally flagging it and they're not even setting off checks. My config never even kicks players, it bans. So that's why I'm confused as to why players are being kicked to the bungeecord check. This ONLY happens when they hit the bots and never occurs if reflex is off or they have a bypass permission.

  9. Open a bug report then, please:
  10. That’s all I know, view attachment

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  11. Probably some math, vectors. But it's a check.
  12. How well should this work "out of the box"? Does it actually cancel common things like reach, speedhack etc without using the cloud feature?
    Or does it have to learn locally?

    I tried installing it and having a player running some common hacks, but it didn't prevent any of it.
  13. If you read anything on the overview or tested it on the test server, it doesn't detect movement hacks yet.
    Please use your eyes.
  14. My question was not "Does it prevent movement hacks", bur rather if the machine learning is something the plugin does locally and if it actually prevents the most common hacks on first installation without having to collect any data first.

    I have read the overview and from my understanding "Reach" was one of the things listed in the "official detected hacks" list.
    The intention of my question was to get a better understanding of how well it performs on a clean installation.
  15. Next time please either contact us privately or in Discord. The discussion is a place to discuss, not for support. Moreover, we do not receive notifications of new messages posted here.

    The overview page states that machine learning is trained by the developers and not by users. Your server only uses our data — you don't need to train anything yourself. So everything will work just after installation.
  16. Could you add an event to each action?
    I would like to notify on discord so that my moderation will be informed :)