Spigot 【BossBarHealth】- Best RPG Health Bar on Spigot ! 4.1.6-SNAPSHOT

Didn't find a plugin that shows health on boss bar? This is it!

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  1. Seems to still be happening very rarely but it'll go away as soon as you hit another entity. Unlike before where it'd be stuck always happening. Loving the plugin, keep it up!
  2. This is a very weird problem with how the system retrieves the current time. For example, the bar goes away after 2 seconds, but the system returns 1-2millisecond before the 2 seconds timer, in this case, the bar will not disappear and I have no idea how to fix it at the moment.
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  3. after attacking some mobs the hp bar of the already dead mob does not disappear, only when I attack another mob or disconnect it disappears
  4. You may refer to this message for this issue.
  5. Is it possible for this plugin to replace the boss bar for mobs that already have one so there arent 2 on screen?
  6. You may tell me more details so that I can determine whether it is possible or not
  7. for example, when you fight the ender dragon or wither, its default boss bar is still visible along with the one you have added. Actually another way would be to just remove the default boss bar.
  8. There is no way to achieve this without sending version-dependent packet, so I guess I'm not removing the vanilla boss bar as it is rendered on client side.
    However, you can add
    to remove the boss bar by this plugin specifically for ender dragon and wither.

    You may refer to https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/entity/EntityType.html for the entity type.
  9. Will there be a Update for 1.16.4?
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  10. sometimes when you hit large amount of entities bossbar will stay for a long time and doesn't disappear
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  11. Is there a way to disable the health gain/lost in bossbar?
    I edited it in config but it keeps staying.
    (HP + or - isn't disappear in player's hp bar until next HP + or -)
  12. This plugin and the author(me) is not dead, however I'm quite busy with the irl stuff. So please be patient before i have time to make an update. I'm sorry for the inconvenience :(
  13. The plugin should work on 1.16.4. I'm running 1.16.4 Spigot when coding this plugin.

    This bug should be fixed in version 4.1.1. Please tell me if this issue still exists.

    You may remove the placeholder %change% in the config. If the issue still exists, please send me a screenshot along with your config file.
  14. I've checked the source code of that plugin, however I'm not able to add support for this plugin due to their code limitation. You may ask the author of that plugin to support PlaceholderAPI so that you can use it in my plugin.
  15. Ummm... I means if a damage showed on it like:
    "(-3.00) Damage"
    and then it will not change or disappear until next damage replace it.
    "(-1.25) Damage"
  16. This feature has been added in version 4.1.1.