Standalone 【DragonProxy】 —— join ANY PC server using MCPE/MCWin10

Join any Minecraft Java Edition server using un-modded Pocket Edition OR Win10 Edition!

  1. Wait I am confused, how would the setup work if you could explain...
  2. join our Discord and then you shall know everything. ;)
  3. I'm already in it.
  4. gut
  5. hello, would you know a solution, to allow the players with a version of Minecraft Bedrock higher, to join the proxy DragonProxy

    example: client version 1.2.13 and server version 1.2.10

  6. we are working on 1.2.13, be patient. ;)
  7. Thank you ! :)
    What's really bad with Minecraft Bedrock is that it's not possible to choose the version of the game, like Minecraft Java
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  8. Ikr xD
  9. can i use java plugins with this
  10. No. This is a software in between the server and the PE Client I think...
  11. so on my java servers pe players can join
  12. if i install this because right now i changed the server to this and it is not turning on so is this suppose to be used on pe and then java players join or the other way around
  13. You put this in front of the server as an external application.
  14. DefinitlyEvil can you add tutorial hwo to connect with server?
  15. i have run dragon along with my bungee server. when i connect from mc for windows 10, it can't find the server (sr for bed english)
  16. maybe checkout the localhost problem for MCWin10 in Github repo README file?
  17. To install I need put in spigot plugins folder, and I need to run in console
    "java -jar dragonproxy-x.x.x.jar"???
  18. Can you please help people out actually on your Discord? Lots of us are having problems.