Standalone 【DragonProxy】 —— join ANY PC server using MCPE/MCWin10

Join any Minecraft Java Edition server using un-modded Pocket Edition OR Win10 Edition!

  1. yep! but it is still being heavily developed.
  2. Looks very nice and promising.(y)
  3. will be extremely difficuly to implement but they're trying.
  4. thanks! hard work always pays back!
  5. enterih


    how does it work/planned with bungeecord?
  6. Join the Discord. A (full) rewrite is in progress so I do not think this will support any more versions until then.
    AKA: no.
  7. yes I know, but the team is working on a major re-write so it might take a long time.
  8. sorry I left this project.
  10. I have my IRL stuffs.
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  11. Looking forward to a 1.14 version, made by the community, this is such an amazing idea
  12. SKILLAPI has a BUG in conjunction with this use.
    PE players will gain tremendous speed of movement
    Hope to fix this.
  13. This resource is abandoned I believe.
  14. how give the support for 1.13 and1.14.+ ???
  15. This project could be monetized by using your login GUI as an intermediary that communicates with a subscriber database. This could be set up as a per-server subscription or a model where you allow all servers to run it, but PE players must pay for the ability to access java servers.

    I think with the right advertising reach, the demand for this would be quite high, especially in the latter scenario, where server ops would want to let people know that PE players can join them. There's a lot of money potential here imo.
  16. DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
    Server 1.14.4

    Code (Text):
    [17:51:38 ERROR] []: An exception occurred in RakNet
    java.lang.AssertionError: Unable to initialize required encryption
            at com.nukkitx.protocol.bedrock.util.EncryptionUtils.<clinit>( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at org.dragonet.proxy.util.BedrockLoginUtils.validateChainData( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at com.nukkitx.protocol.bedrock.packet.LoginPacket.handle( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at com.nukkitx.protocol.bedrock.handler.DefaultBatchHandler.handle( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at com.nukkitx.protocol.bedrock.BedrockSession.onWrappedPacket( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at com.nukkitx.protocol.bedrock.BedrockRakNetSessionListener.onEncapsulated( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at$ServerDatagramHandler.channelRead( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at$HeadContext.channelRead( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at$EpollDatagramChannelUnsafe.epollInReady( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at$AbstractEpollUnsafe$ ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at io.netty.util.concurrent.AbstractEventExecutor.safeExecute( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor.runAllTasks( ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$ ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at io.netty.util.internal.ThreadExecutorMap$ ~[DragonProxy.jar:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT]
            at [?:1.8.0_222]

    Code (Text):
      GNU nano 2.5.3                                             File: config.yml

    # -----------------------------------------------
    #   DragonProxy Configuration (05/08/19)
    # -----------------------------------------------

    locale: 'EN'

    # The IP and port the proxy will listen for connections on
    # '' will bind to all IP addresses available on your device
    bind-address: ''
    bind-port: 19132

    # The MOTD that will be shown on the MCPE server list
    motd: 'DragonProxy'
    motd2: ''

    # The maximum amount of players that can join the proxy
    max-players: 1

    # The IP and port of the remote server to connect to
    # TODO: Add support for multiple servers
    remote-address: ''
    remote-port: 25565

    # The authentication method used for connecting to the remote server.
    # Accepted values:
    #   credentials   : This will display a form when you join the proxy asking you to enter your Mojang credentials
    #   offline       :  No authentication, cant join premium servers such as Hypixel
    remote-auth: credentials

    # Whether or not Bedrock clients should be authenticated with xbox live
    xbox-auth: false

    # Whether or not to use the motd and player count of the primary remote server
    ping-passthrough: true

    # Whether or not to fetch skins from Mojang's servers
    fetch-player-skins: true

    # The amount of threads that will be used.
    # Only change if you know what you are doing
    thread-pool-size: 8