Spigot ️⭐SpawnerWrenches⭐ | The new way to collect Spawners 1.1.0

The new lightweight Spawner solution!

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    ️⭐SpawnerWrenches⭐ | The new way to collect Spawners - The new lightweight Spawner solution!

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  2. Awesome plugin. Suggested additions:

    (1) Ability to set time that it would take to mine the spawners... i.e. when I click the spawner a configurable amount of time must elapse before the spawner drops, then the wrench disappears.

    (2) Ability to set a number of uses before it disappears... i.e. you could have one that will work on say 5 spawners, then poof, you need a new one :)

    Keep up the great work @IndigoStudios
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  3. Neat plugin. Any plans on adding a feature where it changes the usage amount of a Wrench? For example people would be able to be given wrenches with different amount of usages
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    ⭐ Pickup delays and wrench uses!

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  5. Thanks very much for the ideas @GoldenRatioMan! We've just added your suggestions in our latest update which I'm sure @GamerSynchro will be happy to hear.

    Apologise for the lateness in doing so, we'll have more updates coming soon! o/
  6. Awesome... will it support WildStacker? We like to be able to stack spawners using WildStacker plugin and it would be cool to be able to have to wrench each spawner. Keep up the great work @IndigoStudios
  7. Any further updates @IndigoStudios ? Support for stacked spawners :)
  8. Love this but having issues and your dicord link is broken. When users pick up a spawner and place it back down it turns into pigs.
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  9. A list of what spawners that are able to be broken with the wrench would be very useful! Trying to disable the use of this on nether spawners!
  10. @IndigoStudios I need some help ASAP with this plugin, please I am in dire need of support. Add me on Discord at Kory#2178