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  1. Ok, on my server, some players during pvp glitch and go to 0 hearts. All hearts on their hotbar disappear and the health over their head says 0 hearts. You can't hit them or /kill them. They can't be hurt and I don't know why this is happening.

    I'm on Spigot 1.8


    EDIT: Deleting their player file works until they get glitched again.
  2. 2008Choco

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    For all we know, this could just be an issue with Minecraft or Spigot 1.8. If you can recreate this issue without any plugins on your server, then you're SOL. We don't support 1.8 and it was likely fixed in later versions. Otherwise, do a divide and conquer and remove half your plugins, test, continue...
  3. It only happens to people that are not opped or have permissions on the server and it randomly happens during PVP so we don't know why.
  4. Im guessing its a plugin issue then. Keep removing half your plugins until the issue no longer exists, then try to eliminate it to a single plugin.

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