1.10 block logger

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wondering which plugin you recommend for logging blocks in 1.10.

    The reason for posting this is because the main ones haven't been updated / have reported bugs.
    • CoreProtect: Not updated since 1.8, not logging many chest events
    • HawkEye: Not updated since April, haven't tested
    • LogBlock: Not updated since May, haven't tested (Seems like best option of them all)
    • Prism: Last build failed, last working in April
    Are there any others that are fully working in 1.10 that log chests and have rollback?

    Thanks :)
  2. i would recommend HawkEye
  3. logbloc work on 1.10
    log / rollback work.
  4. I had logblock, but coreprotect was better and I go use coreprotect on version 1.9, but now is core-protect broken :/ . And logblock also rollback and log new blocks from 1.10? But, in logblock are very bad rollbacks, I mean, bad time. Only specific time, in coreprotect we can set time.
  5. Prism v2.0.6
    Note: We are not actively supporting Prism on Bukkit any longer (we are actively supporting Prism v3 on Sponge), but this website was

    So prism is dead if someone is updating it is not being updated by the original creators...

    Logblock is kept up by MD_5

    coreprotect & hawkeye i am not familiar with so i wont comment on them