Solved 1.10 some players are unable to join the game

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Dragon_12dk, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Keep getting this

    Internal Exception: io.nettyhandler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: readerIndex(100) + length(1) exceeds writerIndex(100): UnpooledHeapByteBuf(ridx: 100, widx: 100, cap: 100)

    and then they are kicked from the server

    I have been updating spigot every day, however still this is happening, anyone have any ideas as to why?
  2. We'll need some more information.

    Can you give us the output of /plugins and of /version?

    EDIT: Also, is it the same players that are having issues, or sometimes people can join, sometimes others can't, etc.
  3. I believe someone used a sign exploit on the server.
  4. Its the same bunch, me and maybe 12 others can join fine. but another like 15 have this issue
  5. ok I did /spawn and now I am having this same issue. this is what we get for updating to 1.10
  7. no one can build anywhere around the chunks near spawn, regardless how would I find the signs?
  8. is there any way to fix this issue without changing the map?
  9. Is that your only plugin? Try removing it for a little.

    We do need to know all of your plugins and your /ver.
  10. well... that's a bit difficult because I have 116 plugins and 50% of them are custom made, however none of them mess with chunk generation... version is latest 1.10 (actually all the 1.10 builds, I have tried to switch around and they all give the same result)
  11. Can you list any non-custom ones that also deal with login events?
  12. here is a list of them all :p

    FireFighters, BarAPI, HousingCheck, StreetLightsReloaded, ChunkVisualizer, BoatsInWater, BankRobbery, NoPlugins, Murder, ViaVersion, ItemRestrict, AutoRespawnPLUS-1.9, ColourYourSigns, WhitelistMessage, PulseHealth, DivingGear, Realistic-Swimming, MCDrugs, Chairs, Heads, WindySkies, LaggRemover, GuardEquipment, ProtocolLib, EntityWhitelist, ImageOnMap, PermissionsEx, Mob_Cash, PTweaks, CBWrapper, BetterDrops, LinksOnSigns, Miniatures, PotionBan, RealWeatherAndTime, Court, SignRemoval, Jail, AltLimiter, Lockette, Thirst, JailStickLimitations, NewPlayerSpawn, PoliceDogs, RoleplayChat, LightAPI, CoreProtect, Warrant, WorldEdit, CustomTab, Essentials, Businesses, Warfare, Tests, ClearLag, antiIceWalk, CrackShot, SamistineSignFix, StopCrafting, Phone, Votifier, BlockSyntax, LibsDisguises, CommandButton, CrackShotPlus, ForceResourcepacks, React, Microblocks, MobSpawn, AntiAura, Vault, SalvageSmelter, AntiWitherDestruction, Corereport, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, BKCommonLib, AntiSpam, Chunkfixer, WiiPay, ScreenText, MyCommand, PayPulse, CrackShotShop, Citizens, VotingPlugin, EssentialsChat, PlayerBounty, Hats, TimeGivesYouMoney, WorldGuard, Brewery, WelcomeBookRecoded, EssentialsProtect, ProtectionLib, ScratchCards, EssentialsSpawn, CasinoSlots, AreaShop, ChatRadiusWarning, Autorank, LiteBans, ColoredTags, Train_Carts, WorldGuardFix, BlockBall, RegionLog, WGCustomFlags, Disease, ChestShop, ArmorStandTools, AntiBlockGlitch2, JukeboxAPI, FurnitureLib, WGPlantGrowth, DiceFurniture
  13. From a quick look at the error log, try uninstalling Jail. It's generating a lot of exceptions, especially when people login. What's the maintenance message?

    EDIT: Second idea, when people login, does it say "Logging in..." for a while, then give the exception? If so, uninstall any plugins that do GeoIP checks, as those can lag out and mess up people's connection.
  14. It lets you log in all the way, and I am in the game for maybe 2-3 seconds until I am kicked
  15. Could I get an IP to test this myself?
  16. I get this error sometimes when I'm in my server's market area, as well as other players. It only happens in the market area, and there's no one location that seems to cause it particularly often that I can tell, and it doesn't happen instantly- it seems almost kind of random. It doesn't prevent anyone from logging in though, that I'm aware of.

    Also, My server is 1.9.4- I don't think this is limited to 1.10 but I could be wrong.

    If your spawn area has a lot of shop chests with floating items as display pieces, then it may be related to the issue I have on my server.

    ... Not sure if that helps at all, but you could try removing any shop chests if that's the case :p

    EDIT: I looked at your plugin list and noticed you have Imagemaps. I use another plugin for putting images on maps and one of those is also at my market area. If you have an imagemap at your spawn that could also potentially be the issue. Worth looking into, I think I'll remove the one at my market area and see if it helps :)
  17. we are not on 1.10, cause then half the people would crash