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  1. I have a spigot 1.9 server. It has been up for 3 years now and is full of many different mini-games. I've asked my friends and they said the games I have are pretty fun. There's a big lobby and 26 plugins. It isnt laggy or anything. So what's my problem you ask? The server only has 1/100 players on it. That one player is me. So how can I get anymore? I'm not asking for mine plex popularity. Just like 20 players on every day. How can I do this? Thankyou
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  2. Advertise.
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  3. I put it on 3 different websites already and hung up flyers in my neighborhood. How else could I advertise? I've already made a YouTube video about it, but I'm not popular enough on YouTube with only 12 subscribers so it didn't help
  4. Maybe, if you private messaged me the IP and I came on and recorded (20 subs is not much but I have loads of viewers) it could get more popular.
  5. Or spread the word, tell your friends and hope they will tell other friends. Like with my server a trainee told all his friends and it got 4 more users.
  6. Players join your server without knowing about the server, it's near impossible. What you need to do is get your server out there using various advertising techniques. You need to ensure the server is something your target audience would play on and certifying it's high quality and provides what people are after. You said it has been up for 3 years, have you thought about why people aren't staying? - Maybe the server isn't ready despite all those years who knows.
  7. So what's the best way to advertise? Is it cheap? I'm not willing to pay TONs of money, but I could pay a bit
  8. Work on your server, ask friends to evaluate it, improve on suggestions and do research then think about advertising
  9. Okay! Thanks for the tips I'll get right to it!
  10. Miniagmes are great but you need people in order for them to be fun.

    I would start out with factions as your main server and build it up with miniagmes. People want to click and join a game without waiting for more players they just want to play fast pace. Factions is a more long term one which you don't need players for and you can slowly get people. Maybe even correlate miniagmes to factions by earning money for playing and wining them to be used for factions.

    Starting with just miniagmes is very difficult though. People don't like to wait they get bored.
  11. I already have factions on my server, but it isn't very well known, so I'll make t more well known! Thanks for the tip!!
  12. Yes, but GETTING the first few people on is the hard part