Solved 1.11.2 ArmorStand update method

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  2. What are you trying to update?
    Armorstand provides access to arm movement, leg movement, I think head movement,
    gravity, and others.
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    in the post i linked, the guy said this in his code

    Code (Java):

      // This is the update method of the entity
        public void m() {

            // Getting the nms class of the player to have easier access to some
            // data.
            EntityPlayer p = ((CraftPlayer) Bukkit.getPlayer(player)).getHandle();
            // Setting the position
            setPosition(p.locX, p.locY, p.locZ);
            //Setting the yaw and pitch of the armor stand. If it fails we get another change to set it with the codes below.
            this.yaw = p.yaw;
            this.pitch = p.pitch;
            // Setting the yaw of the armor stand. I don't know for sure if this
            // works.
            setBodyPose(new Vector3f(0.0F, p.yaw, 0.0F));
    Code (Text):

      // This is the update method of the entity
    im trying to find the equivalent of this but in 1.11.2
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    found it: it's the A_ method.

    let me tell you, it looks fucking dope mimicking the player lol
  5. I see, you are working with a friend of your's API I presume?
    You can work directly with ArmorStand's fields by supplying
    custom EulerAngles to change the direction of the specfic
    part of the ArmorStand to your liking.
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    no. just making my own entity's. yes, im doing more than just working with the update method. (saying stuff, pathfinding, etc). but thanks for the info. i decided to use this since i believe its more efficient than using a repeating task to modify / update the position of the entity constantly. (especially with many entities at once)