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    I was making a skill tree plugin but I need a way to make custom points what im trying to do is make it so when you kill 5 players you get 1 point and everytime you get a point you can use it on Speed, Strength, Health, but im not sure how I would store your points and stats into a config I don't really do configs much so if you could help please do (I do know some things about configs just not a a lot) I would post code on how im doing this but I don't even know where to start
    Everything else with the plugin I can do/Is done so if you could help me thanks a lot

    Ps: Im not looking for someone to just give the code if you give the code it would be helpful but im mainly looking to find out how to do this

    Looking to do something like this in config If able

    (Playername): damage, speed, health,
  2. If this ever gets big or you need to handle a lot of players you would be better off writing this to a database. Look at using SQLite as it doesent require anything special installed on the server

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    Okay ill look into it I was just finding out doing this with a config wasn't going to be very easy or well done but I do know more about configs now XD
    Thanks for help