1.11 Is Now The Default Version

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Nov 30, 2016.

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  1. SpacePuppeh


    This is great to hear. I was wondering when would be the appropriate time to update for stability reasons.
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  2. That's some good stability right der.
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  3. You can still get the older versions by running buildtools with the --rev flag.
  4. But it hasnt any support. -.-'
  5. Lets put it this way, Who would put $4,000 dollar rims on a PoS car?

    In this reference 1.8 is the PoS car, the $4,000 is updates for it.

    That is why it has no support.
  6. 1.8, the security issue update. There were soo many fixes for that it took till 1.8.8 to fix it.

    Cool, lets support 1.0 of minecraft. Most exploit bugs in 1.8 have been fixed and updates would be slower if md_5 decided to update 1.8-1.11. He would most likely update them if timings broke, but other than that, no more features in 1.10.2 and below. Even though some will have to adapt to the attack delay or just stop playing minecraft. It isnt that bad once you get the hang of it. And like I said in a post:
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  7. Best reason to stay on 1.8 is, that mojang should see that their new pvp system isn't what the community want. I know many 1.9+ players, but NOBODY of them is playing 1.9+ because of they new pvp system, everone hate it. Mojang should see that the community doesnt like the feature and change it. But, minecraft community is be like: "I dont like it, I won't update! ... 3 days later ... Ok, I give up, I'll update".

    I think spigot should do it better. ^^
    If not, even a bit 1.8 support would be nice. With some git/maven magic it should be possible to do version-undepended update's for every branch while doing version-depending updates only for new version. ._.
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  8. that is called adaption. the ppl realized that mojang is not going back to they accepted the change. you are still running around in circles and whining like a baby. its the same for every other game. lets take league of legends or example: every two weeks there is a patch that dramatically changes the game, sure, its not the same as the minecraft pvp rework, but you get the idea.

    it would be possible, sure. md even did it in the past (see the timings fix). but it takes effort. effort that is better spend on making the current version better.
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  9. There is a difference between League of Legends and Minecraft. If LoL is adding an overpowered champ in one update, they will nerf/remove the champ in the next update.
    It's not "whining" because I complain about a feature which broke one of my favourite games. It's just real criticsm. I play minecraft since ~1.2.5 and every new update I saw was good. Some people don't like it, but their arguments where like "I dont like it, because ... it's new". Now, there is a update which is real shitty. I can tell you many arguments against hit delay or food regeneration buffs. It's not like the people crying on other updates, it's like developing a shooter for years, then change it to a strategy game. ^^
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  10. [​IMG]
    Me and @MiniDigger arent forcing you to update to 1.9+, we are saying md_5 wont support those versions anymore. Plus if we threw the current API's into an older version, there is likely a chance that it will break plugins you currently use as 1.9 took out the 1.7 Legacy API which was deprecated for a long time and look at how many plugins you use wont work anymore. 1.12 will break even more plugins like MCMMO and other ones I forgot about.
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  11. I just don't like the startup delay. I choose to be on 1.10 because of ViaVersion and my players want to use different clients.
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  12. I went to 1.11 and the ones who complained, I just said suck it and quit complaining. If you dont want to use the new blocks ok, but no point in stopping others from using it.
  13. Well, we run a hacked client server.
    The main lobby + anarchy/survival server is 1.8+ and the other servers are 1.10+. I just wish there was a way to disable the delay because it's unfair for the users when we do a server restart.
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  14. I run a creative server, and there is a plugin that delays it but is recognizable, but it is close enough.
  15. I just think it's wrong to delay startup just because you're doing something for the users. That's just my opinion. Maybe messages on startup, or something; but to actually delay it? That's just wrong IMO. I understand why, but I don't agree with it in any way.
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  16. PvP Servers don't need new blocks, but they need a good and funny pvp system. ^^
  17. They know they can just spam click still and learn over time.
  18. which is a completely subjective desire, there are ppl who like the old one better and there are ppl who like the new one better (which includes me and mojang ;) )
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  19. The hit delay slow's down the game and you need to concentrate on exact clicking instead of good aiming and movement.
    Because of the new food regenration system you don't have any saturation after a fight, after jumping down from 10 blocks, etc. With old system you need much food, with the new system you need MUUUUCH food. Half gameplay is about eating or searching food.

    Yes, the old system is clickspamming (@Legoman99573), but why not just limiting clicks or add other features to the pvp system? -_-
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  20. Welcome to The Exploration Update, its suppose to make it more challenging which makes it fun to survive and pvp.
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