1.11 Is Now The Default Version

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Nov 30, 2016.

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  1. You can if you know where to look (aka the main of craftbukkit) for the code that makes the delay all you have to do is remove I think its's like 6 lines of code then recompile craftbukkit with maven, then run the apply patches stuff to get spigot
  2. Boolean.TRUE, The hope for a change hasnt died yet
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  3. MiniDigger


    yet :D
  4. Bruh, your arguments why 1.9 pvp is better can be counted by the size of Collections.EMPTY_LIST
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  5. MiniDigger


    that statement had nothing todo with that the reworked pvp is better but that I highly doubt that mojang will ever change it back.

    but I will do you a favor and give you some secret inside in why I think that the reworked pvp is better:
    I think that it is better because it gives you more ways to strategize your combat. before the rework it was just about who was able it fit faster. now you need to put more thought into every single swing of your weapon, a miss could mean the loss.
    it also makes the axe a viable weapon, that feels significantly different.
    the really cool thing about the rework tho, is that you (as a developer/map maker) and change the attack speed of weapons, allowing you to create unique feeling weapons with different damage and attack speed values. pair that with the ability to give items their own models and you can craft an truly unique experience.

    I think that increases the amount of my arguments to at least 3.
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  6. Then, le'me call list.remove(); to decrease your arguments with my bad english. :p

    Yes, it's true that old pvp has not many strategy, but, the new one doesn't have more strategy. With this update minecraft transformed into a dexterity game, but that's not what minecraft was created for. It was never about dexterity.

    This system with a stronger axe which hit's slow sound intelligent, but it isn't. The developers forgot something. You can easily run away in minecraft. I had some 1.9 fight which where like: "Axe person turn around, hit enemy, enemy hit back with sword, axe person run away". This happened until the enemy was dead, because the axe person does more damage than the enemy. That's sounds "tactical", but it isn't really funny to play. ^^

    It's really nice for map makers, but only because default pvp doesn't contain the feature doesn't mean that the feature cannot still exist with some nbt magic.

    But, don't think that I think 1.8 pvp is awesome, it isn't. It has many problems, but the 1.9 isn't a fix for it.

    How I would change the 1.8 pvp system without killing pvp:
    - Replacing fishing rod (like in 1.9)
    - Decrease hitbox size (It's bigger than the player is ._.)
    - Add new weapons and split them into 3 categories: spears, swords and knife's. This different weapons have some different features, spears have a large range, knife's have a low range. With a knife in your hand you can hit while blocking with your shield, but the damage is also a bit lower the damage of a sword. With the spear you have the same damage like with a sword, but you can't hold an item in your second hand, because the spear needs both.
    - Adding a hitdelay of 100ms for every weapon, the only difference to 1.9 is, the hit delay doesn't start new if you hit while the delay is loading. Also, you don't have a bar how long it will take until you can use your weapon again, you just don't hit. You won't even notice it, bacause the arm animation takes long than 100ms. ^^

    Yes, my system isn't perfect, but I consider the arguments of the community in it.
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  7. MiniDigger


    thats what you think about why it was created for. others my disagree. I could say that minecraft never intended to be a fighting game. the combat system was only introduced to fight mobs, to get rid of them fast.
    but minecraft changed. its not about getting rid of mobs anymore so that combat system had to be reworked to better fit the new needs.
    the combat isn't just about axe vs swords tho. get yourself a shield and that axe person will have trouble doing damage. get yourself a slowness potion and that axe person will have trouble getting away. the tactical aspect is not just about the weapons ;)
    I don't fully understand that point. are you trying to say that they could have introduced the attack speed attribute modifier while leaving the default value at the level it was before the rework?
    you need to remember that they didn't change the combat because they wanted to introduce that attribute modifier. they changed the combat because they saw that it needed a change. the attribute modifier was that nice extra they added while creating their internal api for the attack speed.
    it fixes some parts tho ;)
    you always need to keep in mind that mojang doesn't only think about pvp but the general combat, that included pve.

    About your proposed changes: there are many ways mojang could have reworked the combat. I agree that it sucks that they don't involve the community more into the thought progress of such big changes. but it is how it is, nothing we can do about that.
  8. Why nerfing players instead of pushing mobs? ^^

    You don't hasve a shield in every fight. Many survivalgames fights looks like I described and thats one of the reason why it sucks. ^^

    Minecraft is a game where you can create a free world, there where never any dexterity features, so why add one? People want fast PvPing, they don't want clicking exact. Minecraf tis like a shooter with swords, and now think about what would happen if you add a delay like in minecraft to a shooter like call of duty. ^^

    There are 100 other systems which wouldn't break pvp, so why add the one which does it. ^^
  9. Thank you soooo much <3
  10. Small reminder, I made LavaControl (see signature) to make it easier for you to build Spigot jars.
  11. @md_5 Please add an option to force-start without delay to spigot.yml, it would help a lot.
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  12. Or or, hear me out you could just update to avoid bugs.
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  13. It will be a project to replace all the JAR's on the realms since players might be using them at any time and they would crash if I just replace the JAR while players are playing on them. It's better to just update all the JAR's on official server updates.
  14. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Give me 1 good reason why you can't update.
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  15. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    If you don't have a mechanism to update your servers in a 10 day window, you shouldn't be running servers.
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  16. Well, I understand that you want server owners to update since you're working hard on updating Spigot to be more stable. However it would still be a good function if it was possible to choose to ignore the delay, which would be an unrecommended alternative. I appreciate what you do for the community, it's just a suggestion. :)
  17. Take your server down for five minutes during the time when the fewest people are online. Update the Jars, and you're good to go. This is called Direct Conversion.

    I have one more comment though:
    I disagree with this. 10 days is nothing. Many server hosts don't even carry the latest versions of Spigot and don't allow self-updating for security reasons. This seems like a poor excuse.
  18. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    There is a function. If you can't find it then you aren't skilled enough to be skipping the delay.
    There is no reason to be skipping the delay - all your plugins and stuff work without changes and the new versions are empirically better.
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  19. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    >don't allow self-updating for security reasons

    This is the real "poor excuse". A custom jar is no less secure than allowing plugins to load at all.
    If they didn't allow plugins I'd buy it, but since they allow plugins, there is absolutely no security benefit.
  20. You mean unpacking it and modifying the code? There's no option for skipping the delay in the configuration files. I just looked.
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