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  1. Poor excuse or not, it's not mine to make nor is it yours. If you're going to start telling people to start using servers that don't have this feature for best results, I would agree. However, in my experience—and others may have had better luck—this would limit the server hosts people use. But I digress.
  2. I appreciate all the hard work put into the newest spigot build but I am not a big fan of the newest version so I will stick with 1.10.2
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    No modification required.
  4. Then why don't you just let people know about it? There's no reason to hide it.
  5. I too checked the config and the documentation, and there is no mention of such a flag. I'm assuming it's the spigot.yml, bukkit.yml or server.properties (unlikely, that's tied directly to MC server), but I didn't see anything that seemed to indicate it was there.

    Just to be clear, here, I'm not arguing that people should be using older versions of Spigot. I don't think that at all. I just don't see the point in punishing people for using the older versions, then stating there's a way to disable the punishment (rendering it meaningless), then not saying how to disable it.
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  6. Just to follow up on my last comment, I figured out how to disable it. And yeah you need to go into the source to find it.

    It turns out there's a System property, "IReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear" you need to set (I'm not even joking). You can set it to any value, as you see in the code, because if it's just anything except null then it will skip the delay.

    So basically what you mean by this is unless you break apart the Spigot Jar itself and figure out the flag name, you have no right to be using anything except a version that is within ten days of the old one?

    @md_5, I really do appreciate everything that you've done for SpigotMC and the Minecraft server community, and I had a good laugh at this one but this is pretty dumb lol
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  7. MiniDigger


    why would you stick with 1.10.2? why does 1.11 do worse?
  8. MiniDigger


    as the flag name suggest, you should really know wuat you are doing when staying on old versions. nobody in this thread managed to point out a valid reason to not update like once a week yet.
    i really dont see the problem here. just setup some script that eun buildtools, stop the server, copy the jar and start the server again and you are fine. . .
    you have the right to run whatever version you want to run. the message is just a friendly reminder that your build is quite outdated and that you should consider updating.
  9. @md_5 What will happen when 1.12 and other greater updates arrives? Will you expect everyone to update their servers to 1.12 within 10 days of the release date? Many servers depend on plugins using NMS making them uncompatible with newer versions, which they will have to wait for an update on before being able to update.
  10. md_5

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    Where did I ever state that the delay would be permanent?
    When 1.10 released we had people coming to us weeks later with bugs that were fixed hours after release. The same thing is true with 1.11 - we're fixing up to 10 bugs a day, and this helps prevent (although doesn't stop) people coming and repeatedly reporting those same fixed bugs. The delay is gradually being phased out (3 - 7 - 10 days currently) and will be removed when we no longer think you're endangering your server or putting an unnecessary burden on us by running an old build.

    There was a dupe fix in the last 10 days, but I guess you don't have it.
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  11. I haven't read through the whole thread (ended at page 3) but I do want to say that I sympathize with the players who don't like the new PvP system. Personally I'm very indifferent because I don't do (nor like) PvP on Minecraft at all and I actually enjoy the new combat system in PvE (not when I get combo-attacked by a skeleton & creeper of course :D).

    But I do think some of you are "barking up the wrong tree". Instead of pleading with Spigot to maintain older versions (which is much more difficult than you might realize!) I think you should be directing your protests against Mojang. Surely you can argue a good cause? Look, if you're approaching them with: "The new combat system SUCKS, no one likes it and it needs to be removed!!" then obviously they'll ignore you. I would. Didn't I just say that I actually like the new system for PvE? There goes your argument :rolleyes: But I can't help wonder if it wouldn't be possible to advocate a new gamerule: /gamerule oldCombatSystem true. This could remove the delays, bring back the old damage values and 'invalidate' the shield (turn off its crafting mechanic). Just an idea of course. Thing is: trying to advocate this with Mojang will have much better results than trying to talk the Spigot project into doing something which is virtually impossible. (note: it's not impossible, but as a former contributor for a LTS Linux system I know how frustrating it can become if you try to port newer features to older systems, I'm convinced that some of you have no idea what you're talking about, this isn't something you "just" do).

    Back onto the main topic :)

    This is the first time where I actively followed the transition between versions and I have to say that I really like it how the Spigot project postponed making things official only until it had been out in the open for a while which most likely would have allowed you guys to pick up on any possible bug reports.

    My (private) server has been on Spigot 1.11 for a while now and so it really helps not having to type --rev 1.11 all the time. Yes, I'm lazy ;)

    Thanks for all the hard work guys!
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  12. Brilliant, is there a public updated list of plugins that are still broken with this update? Is there a description or list if things that would break plugins with specific rules in them?
  13. I know ya probably get this a lot, but what is Spigot's take on the massive use of 1.8? The fact that the overwhelming majority of PC Minecraft players play on servers that have reverted to 1.8 functionality must weigh on your mind?
  14. There just two which I use it currently on 1.10, Horses and Particle Trails (the dev is active) but not for the horses by Shadowdog007 :/ I cannot upgrade until those plugins are updated,
  15. MiniDigger


    as long as they are on the latest spigot version and use plugins to change the combat that's fine, if they stay on 1.8 they will not get any support and are stuck with bugs and exploits.
  16. Yeah I get that, which is why so many growing networks have opted out of using Spigot in favor of more tailored solutions for 1.8. As long as Hypixel, Mineplex, Archon, Arkham, and the likes have their servers on 1.8 we will likely never see a majority 1.9+ leaving. Even for smaller 100 player servers like ours we opt to take unsupported versions rather than try to maintain backwards compatibility and heaps of ever-important plugins that will never be updated beyond 1.8 due to inactive development. It will be a long time before we can think to move up to the latest Minecraft version, if for some reason we wanted to (enough to outweigh the negatives of PvP changes severely hurting all the currently popular game modes in MC). And by that point in time we would expect to have had enough time to make our own custom software anyways.
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  17. MiniDigger


    well, if you look at the actual stats you can see that many servers already moved away from 1.8 http://i.mcstats.org/Spigot/Game+Version.borderless.png This will continue, there are still many servers who want to go to 1.11 but can't since some plugins are not updated.
    another downside if using 1.8 btw is that you get less support from plugin authors too. supporting old versions can cause a heck ton of problems, that's why Spigot and many plugin authors dont do that, it's just not worth it.
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  18. Yeah I mean maybe there will come a time when we will all update but as long as the majorly populated servers are still based on 1.8 features the majority of players will likewise desire them.. speaking on the PvP changes primarily. And the best course of action for growing servers, speaking from experience, is to stick with 1.8, decompile & tweak 1.8 plugins as you need, and you never have to worry about updating plugins for a new version release again so long as you continue to add protocol support for each major release (since players prefer 1.8 behavior on average)

    And if Spigot continued support for 1.8 it would be incredibly helpful for what is still the majority version servers are using.
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  19. can you ples help me I can not get it becos you have not give us a tex cod ples help me thanks
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    you need to explain your problem in more detail.
    you should make a new thread too
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