The people's AFK

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    I agree

    I do not plan to ever support older versions of Minecraft. I am sorry, but that involves an entire re-design
  2. will you make this more customable´╝č
  3. KyleMan updated [1.8] Captcha AFK with a new update entry:

    ADDED IN "/cap reload", All new customizable title and variables!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Thats a nice plugin ! great job ;)
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  6. Guys tell me if everything new works correctly, especially the /cap reload. I just want to make sure there are no problems. Thanks
  7. Hello, I added this to my server & it works but i found out my players are using minecarts & rails/poweredrails to be non afk, Can you fix this?
  8. I will look into this... I sould release a fix in a few days. Thanks!
  9. What does it do? how will it stop players form jumping ? or does it just ask everybody to enter the captula after 15 mins?
  10. Well right now If a player does not move for more than a set time, it gives them a capatcha to type within the set time. If they do not, it kicks them. In the next version, however, it will be based on things other than player moving, such as counting them afk if they are in a minecart. It only send the message to the play that has not moved. Not everyone
  11. But that doesn't work beter then every other AFK plugin? if they just build an AFK machine, or put something on the space bar and keep jumping, it doesn't ask them D:
  12. See that is why I am continuously updating this. I am working on a big update that will count someone just jumping as afk. Right now it is just a nice gui, that kicks if you dont move
  13. So does this plugin detect if the player is illegally afking (afk pool etc) or does it get everyone to do the captcha every 15mins event if they are actulally playing? (sorry if i am asking something already elaborated on...)
  14. Nono its fine :p As of now if they do not move for more than set time (default is 15 mins) it will give them a warning with a capatcha. It will kick them if they do not type the correct capatcha. Soon, it will detect things like afk pools and minecarts
  15. okay thanks, that was the part i was wondering... if it currently detects the afk machines... players can be quite inventive... like cobwebs etc to avoid afk detection, if u have to enter teh captcha all the time every 15mins that would make more sense

    EDIT: or give the captcha to those who have not moved, more than 10 blocks from a point and have not interacted in any way, not moved the direction facing or the x/y coords not changed (for long minecart "antikick" machine.

    (sorry got all these ideas ;) )
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  16. Nono don't apologize! I like these ideas :p They sound really good. I was thinking testing if they are in minecarts are easy, and mabey check if they are in water? That would get rid of AFK pools, and then ignore jumping as afk. How does this sound? I am about to start working on these
  17. I seem to recall players that are looking into inventories do not get classed as being afk by essentials as they are using a container, and therefore are "doing something". I think detecting if the player move's his head would solve half the battle... as you can move when afk, but direction of where you are facing cannot be changed. (unless there is a bot to overcome) but i could be wrong :p
  18. My plugin will only count certain movement (As NOT being afk), and as of now (in current public release) they would be counted as afk.