The people's AFK

  1. Hello and thanks for all the criticism. As of now it did not work for 1.9 because Mojang changed the names of the sounds, thus the error. So, now it works with 1.9 as I keep plugins up to date with spigot. I might try to add backwards compatibility in a later date, but with school and AP tests coming up I have very little time. I do not see any problem with using the last version for 1.8 right now as only major addition was logs. Also, I am sorry for the jar name discrepancy, I did not see that Eclipse automatically changed the name on me, next release it will say AFK again.

    EDIT: Sorry, I did not realize you are the one that requested the log, I will release a 1.8 compatible addition today
  2. Actually, I did not want to complain that it does not run on 1.8. (Just note that it was not written anywhere. Now it's fine. )
    But it is very nice that you going to release a 1.8 version!
  3. Does it detect afk miners
  4. /capafk is not working
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  5. Can you please give me more detail? Such as a console log, server version you are using?
  6. can you pls add support for placeholderapi so we can use our prefix in the message?
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  7. Players will just get kicked without warning them.... I have the essentials autokick to -1. Not sure what's wrong.

    This is all I get in the console: 24.08 23:58:18 [Server] WARN handleDisconnection() called twice 24.08 23:58:18 [Server] INFO Player eli_hurwitz has been kicked for being afk longer than 1 mins!
  8. @KyleMan can you make an option to move them to the lobby instead of kick from the Server?
  9. Use bStats instead of McStats
  10. I was not aware of this new Metrics, thanks! This will be added.
  11. Okay so for the next update I would like to spend more time refining current features. One in particular is the chat notifications. The current format of it in my opinion is not amazing and I would love to have it customizable by the user. The problem is that I feel like users with control of the chat notification format can easily cause errors/make the plugin crash. Does anybody have an option, should I allow many lines in the config dedicated to the chat captcha (or if you have a good design for this) or does someone want to design a better chat UI that I will incorporate?
  12. KyleMan updated [1.11.x] Captcha AFK [NOW WITH CUSTOM PERMISSIONSEX GROUP AFK TIMES] with a new update entry:

    Now With Custom PermissionsEx Group AFK Unique Times!

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  13. It would be nice if you could add custom captchas, and it would randomly choose a word out of that list to display.
  14. I love this idea, making a custom list of words to use. Ill definatly consider this and thanks for using my plugin!
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  15. KyleMan updated [1.11.x] Captcha AFK [NOW WITH CUSTOM PERMISSIONSEX GROUP AFK TIMES] with a new update entry:

    Added Custom Kicking!

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  16. Great plugin, but since a few days im getting this error, spamming the console every second. https://pastebin.com/MrpyfanP
    Something i am doing wrong? Or a plugin drunk? idk :p
  17. Hey, sorry about that! Can you regenerate your config folder and see if that fixes it? It looks like something went wrong with the config