The people's AFK

  1. Thanks a lot, i will try it now :D

    EDIT It helped, thanks :D ur awesome
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  2. I have a few questions about this plugin.
    Which versions does it work for? Does it not work on 1.8-1.10 servers?
    Another question is does it prevent all types of afk machines?
  3. It is possible to add 1.8 support and PLEAZ : groupmanager support !!!! I really need this plugin but I use groupmanager in 1.8
  4. Worked for some time, now giving the same issue again. Already re-generated and made the config file read-only
  5. Is this plugin being updated for 1.12
  6. @KyleMan
    Hi, I just have a problem.
    The CAPTCHA color change and change nothing if I enter it into the chat...


    No errors in the console.
  7. @KyleMan
    Hi I have this error in the console sometimes:

    Also, if a player has open his inventory or any other GUI menu and was AFK, he heard the sound of the capafk plugin, bu no titles/subtitles when he exit the GUI...

    Any way to fix these errors?

    Than you
  8. @KyleMan ^^^^ Any idea for this? This is really bad to have this spam the console each seconds...
  9. Code (Text):
    Good errors..
  10. i have a problem with your Plugin!

    Not All time Accept the code for change back to not AFK a Player Take the code in the chat and the Code is the same wooot can see in the Title
    and the Plugin not accept the correct code and please Uptade this to MC Version 1.12.1/.2
  11. hello is it posible to Update this Very Nice Plugin ? on the 1.12.2 and 1.13.X ???
  12. works on spigot 1.12.2
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  13. No! not corectly the Capture is buggie
  14. I don't have any problems personnally :/
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