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  1. bloodmc updated [1.8.8-1.16.5] GriefDefender with a new update entry:

    Stability Update

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  2. Hi
    When renting an object, money is deducted only once, instead of once per day as intended.
    Is there anything known about this yet?

    My settings are attached

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  3. Hello, I set "locale="zh_CN" "it doesn't work, I don't know what's going on.
  4. Does this plugin works with UltraPermissions instead of LuckPerms?
  5. The gradle wrapper in GriefDefender-master fails to build the plugin, which is a shame because I can't try the plugin before purchasing.
  6. I'd be sold if this supported BlueMap.
  7. What the setting about this issue?

    Unable to claim block as it is above your maximum claim level limit
  8. Hey, i''ve been reading good things about this plugin but i've failed at finding the way for compile the .jar so i can test the plugin, could someone help me?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the possible grammar errors ^^.
  9. Help me please! I can't use the chestshop with this plugin. The players create their stores but the others can't interact with the cards.
    I don't speak english so i used the google translator, i'm sorry for any mistakes ..
  10. Any time I attempt to set a flag using: /gd flag claim entity-spawn #monster false

    You don't have permission to use this flag.

    I am:
    • luckperms.autoop
    • griefdefender.admin.*
    The claim is an "admin" claim.

    What's missing?
  11. Hi! We have your plugin on our server, but we have a little issue. How can we enable player-monster-damage? So that visiting players can kill hostile mobs on claims. ATM i see no way of doing it, so when players make Mob farms they have to leave the kill zone unprotected but then it's open to griefing. A flag of this nature would be awesome!
  12. This plugin looks really promising. I can tell from reviews that it's very well programmed and flexible for full user customization.

    Would you be willing to add an option for making claims chunk-based? I've seen it present in other claim plugins and I find it to be a real practical system. Instead of using a golden shovel to claim each corner, you would be claiming each individual chunk. Chunks could cost money tied to an economy plugin, or by using chunk blocks or a set in-game item to claim chunks with, which is consumed and refunded if you unclaim the chunk, for example diamonds to be placed on the ground. I prefer using barrier blocks or structure void, because they're not normally obtained in the game. It can be set up in any way you want it, for example allowing players to trade chunk blocks freely among each other, or gathering up a lot of barrier blocks collectively to form a super big country.

    Would you be interested in adding this as a feature? I would definitely pay the full price if this were added!
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  13. Is there an option to allow anyone to interract with pressureplates in claims?
  14. How can I get the private discord link? Just purchased the plugin
  15. also been wondering this. I purchased a few or more months ago and never got an invite. Someone mentioned a dev build with bluemap and that has me highly interested

    EDIT: nvm i was on the wrong email. invite was expired :(
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  16. Can this completely replace ProtectionStones and WorldGuard?
  17. bloodmc updated [1.8.8-1.16.5] GriefDefender with a new update entry:

    Performance Update, Bug Fixes, Hybrid improvements, Config improvement and much more!

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  18. Looking for some help when trying to load up GriefDefender on Sponge, I am not sure where I am supposed to post something like this so I apologise in advance if it's not meant to be here.

    These are the errors that show up when I attempt to load GriefDefender, not sure what to do.
  19. if someone manages to compile the plugin for Sponge to test it please let us know how too :cry:
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  20. Just wondering... when will the API page in the Wiki be updated for Developers. Last update was July 2020 :p