Solved [1.12.2] Get big input from player

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  1. Hey!!
    I need a big input from the player. I want to make it look good though. I was thinking of using the book editor GUI, but a bit of googling made me believe that that is impossible. I just want someone to confirm that. Is there another good looking way on how to get a user's input. A sign GUI is too small.

  2. Minecraft allows some pretty big inputs into chat. You could always try asking people to write our their inputs into the chat and then cancel the event that would broadcast the message, saving what they said and using it as input. Personally I find the GUI of books to be cumbersome and a bit annoying at times, but I don't have any other suggestions other than using chat.
  3. There is a thing called Conversation you could use instead of cancelling chat events
  4. Thanks but I would rather make it so the player only has to type a command and a GUI would open where they could type. So not that the player has to right click an actual unwritten book. The second link is definitely useful though.

    :unsure: I guess chat is then my best option
  5. This tutorial seems to be working however on an outdated version.

    If you do choose chat you can use a Coversation (which I have linked above)
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  6. Depending on the size of the input you could always do something with a website assuming you have the skills to do so.
  7. That tutorial is for an already written book. Players can't write in that book. The book has already been signed.

    I don't have the skills for that and that would be a bit unpractical :)
  8. Another vote for the Conversation API.
  9. simpleauthority


    Conversation API is the way to go. Please don't use a book, that's really janky.
  10. I've never used the Conversation API and from a bit of googling it doesn't look too easy. Is it really worth learning for 1 input?
  11. Yes, it's worth learning. It isn't insanely technical and also is BUILT into the server so it'll be cross-compatible between multiple updates.
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  12. I watched a few videos on how it works and you're right! I didn't know something like the Conversation API existed so I'm happy that you guys told me. I might use it more in the future. Thanks!

    I now marked this thread solved!
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