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  1. We're attempting to use a custom survival map for our server that was downloaded. We like it, but the problem is it automatically spawns with lakes, lava lakes, and villages, which I necessarily don't want. I've literally looked everywhere and tried everything for a solution, but have found no result whatsoever - villages, temples, lakes, etc.. still spawn in my world.

    We can also confirm that this isn't part of the custom map itself..

    Hence, the question is: Is there anyway to disable these features from spawning in a custom map?
  2. So if you load the map in normal single player on your pc these things dont generate?
  3. I tried loading it into a normal single player. These things still do generate for some reason, but I think it's because world generation is automatically on. If I could load it into a single player world with these things not generating, I would already have it. I tried copying the world and turning world generation off, but that doesn't spawn the custom map - it just generates the seed as a regular minecraft world.

    I guess the real question is if there's a way to turn world generation off on a custom map before it loads?
  4. Hmm well I have never really worked with loading in premade survival maps. At most just very large builds and have never had this issue. Go to server properties and make sure generate structures is false then you could also try changing level type to FLAT. And it seems you have laready tried generator settings but here is a few links about that:

  5. I've already tried using generator.settings and customized, but neither have proved successful. Ironically, I used those links as well already. I also went to server.properties and changed generate structures to false, but none have worked so far. I'm starting to guess that the mapmaker had put in villages, but I doubt that because I've seen servers that use this map and don't have villages scattered about everywhere.

    I've also searched for plugins that change how world generation works, and even mods that I could use in a single player world to change it, but none have appeared successful.
  6. Do you specifically need this map? Is it important too like a story line or is this just a survival map you like for like a towny or faction type server? You could probably look into world generation plugins and can tweak things to your liking then re generate the map to something unique. I know that doesn't really fix your issue but it is an option. You could also even just mess around with the settings in vanilla to try to generate something to your liking
  7. 1. Try opening the map in MCedit and see if it has the stuff you think it does not.
    2. Try loading the map with Multiverse plugin instead of the default server world loader.
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  8. I have used MultiVerse multiple times and loaded it that way as well, but I haven't tried with MCEdit.

    EDIT: I've tried MCEdit, but the map is too big for it to load on MCEdit, so RIP.
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  9. Yeah, even if you tell multiverse to make a flatworld without structures etc, you still get npc villages and what not showing up here and there.
  10. I found a solution for the problem - I just used MCEdit to make it a customized world before it loaded, and now there's much less lakes and villages than before.
    Thanks for the help guys!
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