1.12.2 vs. 1.15.2 performance

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  1. Hello Spigot community!

    I'm having a little argument with a friend about which version is better (performance wise). He says 1.12 is much better than 1.15 but I think that 1.15 isn't that bad.
    Is 1.15 performance really that bad?

    Please tell me what you think!
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  2. I mean, depends on context.

    If we talk about having 2 people on a 1.12 vs 1.15 server, it makes no difference
    Now if it's 100 people on 1.12 vs 1.15, then 1.15 will perform way worse without optimizations
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  3. Both 1.13 and 1.12 will out perform 1.14 and 1.15


    As bad as 1.14 was, 1.15 has made some good improvements. Is it better than 1.12? No. Is it the best in recent updates, Yeah, 1.15.2 is a step in the right direction for server performance.
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  4. If anyone could supply with some actual data on this I'd be horrendously happy
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  5. I've already thought about this for a survival server I'm making. I went with 1.15.2.
    More plugins, more support, years worth of bug and exploit fixes, new blocks and items, and not as much of a sweat to update once Microsoft releases a version that isn't as laggy (less changes between 1.15.2 and upcoming versions than 1.12.2 to 1.16 for example)
    Unfortunately you would have to resort to either putting a player limit on your server or that and having another server running in parallel to divide the load.
    I'll be doing option 1 then 2 once my server grows large enough.
  6. Both of you are crucially wrong.

    First of all, let’s divise this into multiple categories:

    Plugin support, Map performance and then plugin performance:

    Plugin support: 7/10, 1.15 is still new and as due to additional changes in the protocol as well as some leftover from 1.14, a majority of plugins which rely on packets are not supported.

    Map performance: 10/10, 1.15 renders worlds faster than ever. The performance increase from 1.12 is drastic. Other than doing some minor post-spigot corrections like diminishing the amount of pilgri-things outpost which spawn as well as entity per chunk reducing, 1.15 holds the top position for performance.

    Plugin performance: ?/10. I’ve yet to properly experiment with 1.15 when it comes to performance. I still have a sour feeling about how poorly 1.14 went and how it would hugely impact my plugin’s architecture. This is to be decided by other authors.

    PS: 1.13 was worst than 1.12. It’s not a stable release at all.

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  7. Plugin performance between versions will not change
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  8. This didn't explain why 1.13+ (1.15) is far more demanding than 1.12 survival servers. Performance is getting better, but it's still not where it should be.
    There is also no need to rate posts 'Funny' which you disagree on - YourCoal and Beckstation's replies were completely valid.
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  9. It really depends what you are doing, how much plugins do you have, how much worlds do you have, what technical specifications you have, do you have any performance improvements (such as tweaking some settings in the server.properties, spigot.yml, etc.).

    The main problem is that minecraft can use only 1 cpu core. It can't take advantage of multiple cores, which really affects the server's performance. And we can't blame anyone for that, because - this was the standard back in 2011. Now you're asking - come on, we're 2020, why mojang don't just make it somehow make use of multiple cores so I can dump 200 plugins in my server without doing nothing and still make a lagfree server. Well, it's not that easy. They should make a complete rewrite which would take very long, and in fact, nobody wants to do this.

    About comparing the said versions, of course 1.12 is better compared to 1.15. Yes, it misses some bugfixes which 1.15 has, but performancewise - it is better, because it has much less features than 1.15, meaning that it uses much less resources, it doesn't care about that much things, it... I think you've got the point.
  10. Is Win10 edition multicore?
  11. Once again, that’s not actually true. Between versions, the API undergoes interesting changes. Some methods hence may be updated to function in a more efficient way and performant way. Sometimes they screw it up.

    Apologies for the funny reaction. On the platform I’m most often am active the funny reaction is often associated as a disagree. As for 1.13 being more demanding, yes, but that’s only until 1.15. 1.15 is less demanding than any other version. On a simple 4Gb it can handle well over a hundred players. It’s that much better. It’s on-par with most “performance boost” spigot forks. And then to top the cake with a cherry you have the 1.15 version of paperspigot which refines everything to an impressive extent. 1.15 is currently being tested out on 2b2t. I’m confident it’ll be stable enough to handle the future of an anarchy server which is known for being the most performance draining one (for map generation) in the world.

    Hope this helped,
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  12. Prob not.
  13. Just as they had the chance to do so... lol.