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  1. Dear

    Could you update the latest build with latest mc version?
  2. Spigot 1.12 is already released.
  3. How are you running the jar? Spigot 1.12 has not been set as the default version but using the latest build tools you can still get it.
    Code (Text):
    java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.12
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  5. Make sure you don't just use an old buildtools, that it is up to date, and build a new one as per the frontpage instructions.
    reading .. makes for magic.
  6. I downloaded the BuildTools that is available, ran it,
    andddd it crashes with an error and refuses to build 1.12 for me.
  7. Did you read the instructions on how to prepare to run it, how to run it.. and what is the error?
  8. I'm a missing something?
    I've ran this dozens of times before successfully.

    I downloaded the latest available BuildTools ( Build 60 )
    and ran it.

    Have a look at the error at the bottom.

  9. Seems that is running fine, i do not know the error it run into. ( returned value is not equal to zero ) for that line .. hasn't happened to me (yet)
    hopefully someone else can
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    Your best bet is to delete all the folders created by BuildTools (i.e. Bukkit, Spigot, work, etc.). Delete everything except for BuildTools and your run script (if you have one). It will take longer to build, but this should fix your issue just fine
  11. Why get in the hassle of creating it from build tools? Simply get it directly from a place like getbukkit? (Not linking the site cuz not sure If Its allowed)
  12. Dear

    I'm not a developper, could you just be helpful instead to judicate without known anything,?

    So why in the build tools there is not the update?

    So where is the updated link to the build tools?
  13. Look here https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/buildtools/#latest

    You can see that the latest version available is 1.11 so It is possible that they did not add the update to buildtools.

    Just saw the announcement at the front page xd, but follow what I wrote below

    You can get Spigot Version 1.12 from here <link removed> Look at the first box and click the download button.

    Sorry mods If linking other sites is not allowed, I'll immediately remove the post If required.
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  14. Linking other sides is allowed but not in this context.
    Distribute Spigot in ways other than BuildTool is not allowed due DCMA. Everyone should use BuildTools.
  15. oh sorry for that, makes sense.

    OP I am not sure why you could be facing the issue, have you tried building 1.12 from another PC since not everybody is reporting the issue
  16. Deleted everything, moved it to my Solid State.

    Result: Ran faster crashed faster. D:
  17. My best guess is my antivirus.
  18. Choco


    That is also another common issue alongside firewalls, yes. If you could temporarily disable it or permit BuildTools to run, it should be fine