1.13.2 simple item dupe

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  1. If you have all your inventory full with items (lets say you have you inv full of cobblestone), except for one, and you drop, lets say 64 diamonds on the ground, and also have one diamond in your hand (that one diamond in your hand being in the last slot available since your inventory is full of cobblestone), now if you walk over to the 64 diamonds on the ground, with that 1 diamond in your hand, the 1 diamond will turn into 64 diamonds, which normal, but the 64 diamonds in the ground stay, there, so just put 63 diamonds in a chest, so you have one again, walk over the stack of diamonds on the ground again, and continue to keep duping

    is there a way or a plugin to fix this?
  2. Through some quick testing, both on the latest spigot build and on a recent version of paper, I could not replicate this issue.
  3. i went on a test server i own with a very limited amount of plugins, (like 5), and tested it, worked for me, this is a vid on the main server.

    on the test server we did not have that hologram over the items.
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    Try to replicate without plugins. If it still works without plugins, it's a Spigot bug - although that's unlikely. Nothing about items has changed recently. I suspect this to be a plugin issue, in which case I suggest you continue to lower the amount of plugins you have until you narrow it down to just one where the issue still persists.
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  5. My guess is that it's the hologram plugin - in which case you should contact the developer. I also gave this a few tries, and was unable to replicate it with just essential (w/e, w/g, etc) plugins.
  6. Removed everything, still dupes.
  7. Disable commandblocks, too.
  8. command blocks were already disabled.
  9. I tried this as well, and can not replicate it.
  10. Can you confirm this works on a fresh buildtools created spigot 1.13.2 jar - once in console type: /ver and show that it runs 1.13.2 latest version .. and no new updates. and then reproduce this - no plugins installed ?

    I'd love to see this video.