Solved 1.13 custom entities? Answer: no =(

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  1. Everyone is talking about possible custom blocks in upcoming update (or did it came already? I'm a bit outdated), but no word about enteties: will the update let us do more stuff with (again) enteties? Custom mobs with our textures(via resourcepack) and behaivour?
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    No. There are no custom blocks nor are there any custom entities for 1.13. It's likely that it will not be possible at least for a very long time because the client needs to be informed about the custom features. If both the client and the server aren't aware of an entity, it won't know what to do with it.
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  3. Such a shame
  4. is this in regards to like resource pack models for making entities look completely different, or will making a custom entity by extending the subclass of the mob and editing the behavior and pathfinders to how you want also not be possible in 1.13?
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    Modifying an existing mob's behaviour has been supported for a long while now. The pathfinding of an entity is primarily handled by the server, therefore modifying it is not difficult. The texture of an entity has been changeable for a long while now. The model, however, is not currently supported nor does Mojang plan on supporting it in 1.13 (at least according to what they've told us so far)
  6. I'm quite curious though, would the way we create custom entities with NMS change a lot in 1.13? (I don't hope so, my 1.12 custom entities plugin is almost done :confused:)
  7. The only way I see custom entities being a thing is only if mojang added some form of an entity builder in 1.13 that the server can modify and the client can read and build, but I simply don't see it happening as their updates are simply lazy, usually only some texture changes and they never seem to make an attempt of polishing any version before releasing any other updates.
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    @Azim One guy made a thread about adding a custom entity to their server already on 1.12. It did not override any other entity(if I read it right) and had a custom texture with animation. It was quite fascinating and creative how he did it. The thread is somewhere on Spigot but I forgot the title.
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  9. Custom models on entities (including animations & hitboxes) is something I wish to see before I die. No idea how that would work though.

    Of you're just developing it wrong ;)
    My server has custom entities too (custom damage, speed, health, armor, drops, etc). No NMS or packets involved.
  10. you can make custom entities without changing NMS data, but changing passive mobs to being aggressive will work just for one server version as that data changes every minecraft update. So it would be very hard to stay updated then ;p
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  11. Not true. Just write a wrapper class and just remap the nms methods to properly named ones. Now you can easily implement all your stuff without having to deal with too much updating. I think you are all thinking to complicated. Only thing we need are custom textures and custom models. That would be easy to handle with a corresponding nbt tag that allows us to determine the texture. Basicly the same concept as tools with their durability. And yes of course custom damage and other stuff can be done without nms. But to use custom ai which is as important as custom damage for some servers you'll either need to use nms or write your own version of nms.
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