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  1. My 1.12.2 server has IslandCraft where players can claim entire islands as their base. I use IslandCraft to create the islands. So far, I've received no news about IslandCraft and when or if it is updating to 1.13 which is unfortunate for my server. If I cannot update to 1.13, my server will have no shipwrecks, new biomes, treasure, ruins, or any other new 1.13 world features.

    Is there any alternative that exists to generate the world in islands? I don't want to make a map of it using World Painter, I'd like the world to generate the islands. I have EWG but so far I haven't found a way to make EWG generate islands. If anyone knows how to make EWG islands, can you please show me? Or if there is an alternative island generation plugin.

    If nothing exists to make islands in 1.13, I will ask a developer to make such a plugin but I'm not sure how difficult it is to make so I'm unsure of what to price it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Did you try contacting the developer of islandCraft?
  3. Yes, I haven't received a response in 3 weeks. On the Bukkit website, the author hasn't been online since February this year which also makes me worry that the plugin won't receive an update in a quite a long time.
  4. Ok, yeah that sucks. I wouldn't mind playing with that plugin. I wish i was good enough to convert it all to 1.13 for everybody. Maybe someone can build something for 1.13 from the ground up if they want some new premium plugin - and include a converter from islandcraft to his new up to date plugin.
  5. The „only“ think that isn’t working is the worldgenerator itself. My last approach for that could be a conversion to the Bukkit API world Generator API.
  6. Did this ever go anywhere?
  7. Yeah I'm interested too.
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