1.13 plugins

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  1. As the title suggest, a thread about plugins for 1.13. Yes I know 1.13 is not live ready but for those of us happy to be on the bleeding edge. Also always interested in plugin suggestions.

    I replaced essentials with cmi as its a much younger plugin with a very active Dev.

    For permissions I switched to luckyperms, same reason as cmi. For shops I use the premium shop plugin which simply is the best but currently using quickshop as the shop plugin Dev said he won't update until spigot releases a stable 1.13. We had GriefPrevention for a while but the last few builds of spigot broke that. Our regular residence plugin seems to be working.

    Tried the early Dev releases for dynmap and mcmmo but they will kill your log files with endless errors. Do load and sort of function. Likewise with worldedit and world guard, they each have a 1.13 fork but still way to many errors to be truly useful.

    Please reply with your 1.13 plugin findings.
  2. I've been using UltimateKits as my Kit plugin - so much functionality and a great system of creating and viewing kits.
    For voting I've been using MistFireVoteManager as it just works on everything, and of course good ol' votifier.
    I replaced LogBlock with CoreProtect, and my shop plugin is ChestShop.

    Currently waiting on an update on the ones you mentioned - mcmmo, worldguard/edit, and dynmap - as well as the Enjin plugin.