1.13+ resource pack conversion plugins

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  1. Hey, so I am currently looking for a plugin or feature to allow a server that is built on 1.9 platform to have its texture pack available for all versions including 1.13-1.14 (because for some reason Minecraft changed resource pack setup). This way we dont have 8 or so different resource packs going around for our server.

    So basically a plugin so our custom auto resource pack is compliant for all minecraft versions.
  2. A plugin wouldn't work, you would actually need a separate resource pack for the versions that changed.
    Since the resource pack is handled client side, a plugin would do absolutely nothing.

    You would need to create at least 2 packs (1 for 1.13+, another for 1.12.2 and below [im not sure when it changed before 1.12.2 so you might need 3])
    Then you would need a plugin, that would be able to send/force a client to download a different resource pack as per their client version
    ie: if player joins with 1.9->1.12.2 they download pack #1, if player joins with 1.13+ they download pack #2
  3. note that NBT of items may differ per versions client-side, so some very item specific textures won't work on different version than the original server version (like optifine textures)
  4. that's true, you have to make around 3 resourcepack with different version and then at the plugin you just have to check the client version, then send the correct resourcepack for the player. it's pretty simple to make. if you want i can make one for you :)
  5. me thinks you replied to the wrong thread ;)
  6. omg my bad!!! im must be sleepy X.X
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