1.13 Server opening

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  2. What do other players see when they try to connect?
    Is a proper connection established and they get a kick message or can they not even reach the server?
  3. They get that message after 'Connecting to the server' for a while:

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  4. "I did port forward correctly since it does allow others to join on 1.12.2."

    Can you confirm that once more. Also make sure that the 1.12.2 and 1.13 server have the same ip and port configured. Obviously you can only start one server at a time.
  5. I'm not running them both at a time, and I got 1 port forward with the port 25565 and my ip, which hasn't changed. So it should be fine..
  6. If you compile a spigot-1.13.jar with buildtools, using --rev 1.13, and run it successfully. nobody with any other version but 1.13.0 can connect to the ip on that port.

    If they can connect with 1.12.2, they're connecting to a server that's not 1.13.