1.13 upgrade plans? :)

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    1.13, also known as the Update Aquatic[1], is an upcoming major update to Java Edition planned to be released on July 18, 2018


    i just open this topic for share ideas for upgrades, please share here your ideas for 1.13 update and strategy for upgrade.

    becouse we have bungeecords, hubs and servers with many plugins... :)
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  2. I've never seen so many people excited about a mc update, it will be quite stupid in most situations to ignore the update if you care about your userbase.

    We will at least look into it and see which of the developers can update and which will let us down. I guess.
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  3. I know i will personally be updating to 1.13, hell i'm actually waiting for 1.13 before i do newer plugins also if certain plugins don't update to 1.13 just send me a jar and i'll get around to updating the plugin my self
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  4. If you patch anything don't forget to report back to the author - maybe they don't know - but if you do.. you can help those projects and then loads of people benefit.
  5. I'll probably wait a couple months first to see what does and doesn't update then update plugins that don't get updated, which is essentially what i did with the Notify plugin, though someone requested an update for that one..and the last update for the original was years ago *shrug*
  6. Nothing wrong to use those months to just check and organize what's out there, what you have, what you need and what you want as extra features. Clone your server, whitelist it and put it on a different port. And start testing the update, then protection plugins, the needed plugins, and the feature plugins, etc..

    You will end up figuring out wahat you require to upgrade publicly, and what isn't working, and report back to those devs, and any bugs from all the plugins - just report them if it's worth reporting.

    Over time do that again and again until you feel you have a stable 1.13 build of your server and beta test that with your team and play on it for a week to just see what goes wrong and not. Stable enough? update and test again .. go live after a proper test.

    And you're there.
  7. As myself probably won't go with 1.13, having a lot of dead plugins running on 1.12.2, anyways the playerbase has gone down so probably shutting it next year, but atleast ViaVersion will support 1.13 on 1.12.2 servers in the meantime xD
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  8. personally, if i were to do my own server i'd just code everything my self, i already have a core that replaces some of the more popular plugins like essentials and vault, but yea that's what others should do, i'm fine since i'd do everything my self :p
  9. No point in updating unless you're running a survival, creative, or heavily build-based skyblock server (maybe forgot a game type of two). Hopefully viaver/protocolsupport are updated quickly though
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  10. Devs that didn’t prepare (like me) are probably gonna die when the update arrives
  11. My upgrade plans are to wait until the last moment and panic.

    Okay, so I've actually been slowly updating a few older plugins (and writing replacements for a couple others) for months now, as well as giving a ton of thought and planning for others. I still have much left to do, but at least I'm taking SOME of the load off future self. It's going to get crazy in a bit here.

    I've never used ViaVersion and don't plan on it. That's what Minecraft launcher profiles are for.
  12. I plan on turning the new 1.13 fish into piranhas.
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  13. I hope they have pathfindergoal abilities. Bat are bad in this term.

    I will test my version of Quantum-Connectors that I’ve updated already. I will update my Pathfindergoal API to be 1.13 compatible and look what kind of features are available in NMS now.

    I probably will drop most of the NMS part of my API in favor of my own AI solution.
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  14. Update ViaVersion on the Bungee server and I'm done. Next, I'll update the code base of my server to comply with the new API changes, but it's not urgent since players will be able to join with 1.13
  15. There was actually some spigot plugin dev thread tutorial on pathfindergoals, and in the replies the OP wrote working code to make Hostile Bats. If you dig around, you can probably pull it up.
  16. I've created a library for version independent materials and have mostly finished updating my plugins. My server will probably be fine. Most of the plugins I run are either very popular (WE, Multiverse,...) or my own.
  17. I'm still confused as to what changes are happening to the API... I've heard things about materials changing and such but no idea as to what.
  18. Remember how Ink Sac refers to every single kind of dye? And we change the type of dye with damage values? Not anymore, all dyes have their own materials now, and so do every material that is previously saved like dyes
  19. Checkout the API preview and you will see the changes.
  20. Wonderful, that will make it easier :)

    I did but I'll take another look, probably just skimmed over it.

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