[1.13] Where do I find Essentials 'vTeamCity' version/updates/etc ?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by VTSTech, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. This is the version that is used in the Spigot-Craft 1.13 dev server, But i cant seem to find any repos or downloads for it anywhere.
  2. @md_5 has it somewhere on some build server or github or something. I can't find the url that quickly right now. I am sure it's all very early beta
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    I'd be careful about using that build.
    It makes no attempt to migrate your existing config or anything
  5. That's actually exactly where I got this build. But it's 3 months old. Figured they'd be an update by now or source code avail somewhere.

    I did not have an existing config. The server I'm using was created on 1.13
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    I suggest migrating to essentialsx, as that's the only active maintained version of essentials
  7. Perhaps. But.

    Chester: We do not currently support 1.13. Do not upgrade your server to 1.13. See EssentialsX #updates for more information.
  8. The SpigotCraft/vTeamCity version is actually working pretty good. Homes and Warps and TPA are all working fine. Only issue I've had is target selectors appear to be broken.
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    oh well, I know that they have a 1.13 branch tho
  10. Maybe consider getting CMI, it's a great Essentials replacement and does so much more, and it's constantly getting updates for 1.13 support it seems.
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