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  1. I want to create a private server for me and friends so i want to develop my own plugins is there api for 1.13 or i need wait spigot 1.13 to release?
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  2. Spigot 1.13 came out. Run Buildtools (maybe with --rev 1.13-pre7) to get it. And for the Spigot API add the 1.13-pre7 thing if you're using a build tool like Maven/Gradle. If you're making plugins for 1.13, make sure to add "api-version: 1.13" to your plugin.yml so it loads right.
  3. But it isn't release build it will be buggy
  4. Nah kidding. The Spigot team isn't instantaneous with everything.
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    Use spigots BuildTools, then use 1.13-pre7 as the version, you'll get all of the source code and it's completely legal
  6. CHeck the frontpage of this site.