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Bug 1.14.2 server RAM

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by AndHereWeGo, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Hello, there! I have a proble for 1.14.2 server RAM. I have 16 GB RAM on my pc!! <---
    When I start the server on version 1.14.2 on 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/GB RAM write Out of VM or something. BUT ! When i start server of version 1.8 on anyone GB RAM not write NOTHING!?! PLS HELP
    1. Please rephrase your request so everybody is able to understand it.
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  2. There is probably an issue in your start.bat
  3. Minecraft 1.8 doesn't have support for java 8+ so that could be also your problem.