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  1. This has nothing to do with Spigot, there isn't even a Spigot version of 1.14.2 out yet for as far as I know. You're better off making a bug report on Mojang's tracker if there isn't one made yet for this issue.
  2. There's tons of it on Mojang's tracker, no need to reopen a new one.
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  4. Hope they fixed the chunk loading issue and mobs despawning.
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  5. When is the 1.14.2 spigot version planned to come?
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  6. We don’t even have an official 1.14.1, it will come when it comes
  7. MiniDigger


    We don't? So I have been running unofficial builds by an russian hacker?! Fuck!
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  8. Might I say though, I am curious to all ends on what build will be a release for Spigot. A stable one, that is.
  9. 1.14.12
  10. ETA for 1.14.12?
  11. 34th September 2045, that's what Notch told me personally.
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  12. He is gonna buy back the game soon and that is how long it will take him to fix all the mess.
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  13. Choco


    Spigot has no announced release date, it will be ready when it's ready. Keep an eye on the front page. @OP report the issue to the MoJIRA if you're having issues with the vanilla client / server. If it's already been reported, upvote and follow the issue.

    Thread locked.
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