1.14.3 duplication

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  1. i have made a 1.14.3 survival but zombie/drowned duplication don't work due of spigot can i fix it ?
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  2. md_5

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    If you want to cheat just give yourself creative
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  3. if it is to say that it is useless to answer
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  4. you get the same out of it, though
    just don't cheat, simple as that
  5. it's my server if i wan't to cheat i cheat so please give me a solution
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  7. You dont want to cheat but you want to dupe? That makes no sense
  8. SpaZMonKeY777

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    I bet this kid sat down, found these forums, and thought he was a pure genius for coming up with this idea to find a work-around dupe by posting as a server admin here lol.
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  9. yes. i want to cheat on a random server, but it's weird i'm owner ?

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  10. There's no reason why you'd support a duplication glitch unless you have other methods of giving free resources to players.

    Also, to note, this will be fixed by Minecraft in 1.14.4, so I'd not complain about it since it was obvious it was coming.
  11. Celebrimbor


    What is this...! :ROFLMAO:
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  12. I thought the exact same thing when I came across this thread. It just made 0 sense.

    You want to cheat, enter "/gamemode creative" <-- done!

    Don't want to use creative mode? Write a plugin so every time a zombie dies, check if its converting, get the drops and double them. <-- Done!