1.15.1 server crashed

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  1. I'm using the Minecraft Earth Map, and me and my friends just start build a large house.
    But I see no plugin in my server crash log...
    log here: https://pastebin.com/eYG21tdE
  2. As the error says, I assume the world is too big and the server cannot handle that. Either you might need to allocate more ram or you can increase the time out limit in the spigot.yml file. The server will wait longer then if there is no response until throwing this error. Keep in mind that this might make your gameplay more laggy.
  3. Start log: https://pastebin.com/L371SDuM
    Well, I actually test the server a while back(and play for a while), it runs perfectly.
    Also, the memory use just increase when this error happend.
    I add limit from 4G to 8G, and this does not help.
  4. The start log seems fine, one plugin just wasn't able to ckeck for updates. Maybe the world you're using wasn't designed for 1.15.2(tell me if I'm wrong). Otherwise, I would try to increase the time out limit in the spigot.yml to determine whether it's a crash or the server not being able to handle what it's told to.
  5. Is it possible because of a bad chunk? When I use spawn command to back at spawn (which is far away from the building we build), I move freely without any problem. But if I go back or near the building, the server crashed.
  6. Possible yea, what version is this world map made for?
  7. The latest stable is 1.15.2, I'd at least upgrade and keep things current.
  8. 1.12.2
  9. Maybe that's the issue. The map is for 1.12.2 and you are running a 1.15.2 server. I don't know in how far this version difference can cause problems like that, but you might want to try the map on 1.12.2.
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  10. Nope, upgrade to the latest version won't help.
  11. Same thing here: random hard crashes, nothing in the (Minecraft) logs. Haven't poked around in the VM logs, kind of wondering if we're getting bit by an oomkiller. We've got a ridiculously large map, and run close to maxing out a 16GB 2CPU memory-optimized DO droplet, but have never run into anything more than swap-hell lag on previous versions. We're running 1.15.2 pure vanilla.
  12. Update: yep, it's oom-killer swatting us down. Not sure if that means 1.15 is more memory-hungry, or because the mem-optimized tends to be more aggressive about it. Seems to happen most during new-chunk generation, since we have players more inclined to explore now that we have upgraded.