[1.15.2] Looking for a player statue plugin

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  1. I’m looking for a plugin exactly like the old Statues plugin, which let you create statues of players and mobs. They were not made of blocks; they looked like regular players or mobs but were frozen. Of course, when it comes to mobs, you can simply summon a mob with no A.I. using vanilla commands, but the same can’t be said for players.

    The plugin Citizens does let you do the same, but it’s a heavy plugin with lots of features as it’s main purpose is moving, talking, functional NPCs—so, ideally, I would like to use a plugin that only has player statues and nothing else as to not unnecessarily bog down the server.

    Does anyone know if such a plugin exists for 1.15.2?
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  2. Citizens is the way to go, if you want to make this.

    However, I think you can make this without plugins if you remove the AI from the entity. You create this entity wiith the /summon plugin.
  3. Citizens won't bog you down if your NPCs aren't moving and whatnot. Lag caused by Citizens on other servers (which I assume is where your concern comes from) is almost certainly because of having too many entities, especially ones running around and doing things.
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  4. Like I said in my post, this is exactly what I’d do for mob statues, but it’s not possible for players.

    Thanks anyway, though. I will use Citizens anyway, like you say, as it seems to be my only option.

    All right, thank you. In that case, I’ll use Citizens.
  5. Hi, if anyone is reading this thread, and still would like a lightweight plugin to create statues, I am willing to make you one with all the functions needed.
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  6. yes please i need one and citizens happens to cost